Once, Swami Isvarcharanadasji, etc. saints had gone to Vrspur from Amdavad. After evening routine (nityaniyam) Bapasri’s cousin Govind Bhakta asked him if they would like to go to the farm. Bapasri said that the saints had come today, so he would not be able to go with him and asked him to give hay to his ox. He went and gave hay to Bapasri’s ox and from it he also gave hay to his ox. Bapasri stretched his hand and took away the turban from his head and put it under his cushion. Swami Isvarcharanadasji asked Bapasri, if the cushion was bit low. Bapasri said no and added that Govind Bhakta had given my hay to his ox so he took away his turban and put it under the cushion. In the morning when Govind Bhakta went to the temple Bapasri told him that his hay was given to his ox so this turban was taken away. Then he was warned not to do such work. He prayed to Bapasri and begged to pardon his guilt and said that he would not do it in future.||47||