In the afternoon Bapasri had come in the garden of the temple for taking bath. Lalubhai, Hirabhai, Haribhai, Sanwaldasbhai, Somchandbhai, Govindbhai, Laljibhai, etc. devotees were standing there near Bapasri. Bapasri told them, “Please try to make two Sadgurus as much happy as you can. These saints are very capable. It is very good that you have decided for parayana. When big yajna of katha-varta takes place in Kutch, saints come; so all have their darsan, associate with them and do their seva but in your case this occasion has come of its own. Your love is such that saints come to you of their own. You live in Karachi but this place has become as Aksardham. Wherever Maharaj and great muktas tread, that place becomes non- attributable. These saints are like movable tirtha. ‘Bhav-Brahmadik ne nische malti nathi, Purusottam pase bethani jagya jo’ (Siva-Brahma, etc. do not get place to sit by Purusottam- it is certain). So where can you get such Maharaj and these saints enjoyer of happiness of Murti? I also enjoy because of association with such great saints. This time I did not want to come but your love brought me here.” After saying so, Bapasri took his seat on the first floor of the temple. There the 60th Vachanamrt of Gadhada First Chapter was being read. In it, there is a point about avoiding passion. Saint Muktavallabhdasji asked Bapasri, “Is the passion of a person who got such association avoided or not?” Bapasri said, “If experiential knowledge is realised, passion will get burnt otherwise it will not.”

Then Bapasri said, “Siddhis (supernatural powers) are always there in satsang. When devotees offer with respect food and other things, they all should be known as siddhis. Sadguru Swami Nirgundasji used to get such things but he would give them in the store or would distribute them among saints, he would give only essential things to his saints. Great saints get so much that it would be more than a cartload and those who are juniors would not get but great saints should not enjoy even those siddhis. There was Aksarjivandasji Swami in Bhuj. When he found something from a saint’s bag, he made him observe a fast. Now whatever Maharaj does, will be all right. Do not hoard- one will be happy by that. The one who hoards wealth, wanders in this cosmos (i.e., he is not liberated). If one keeps such sin while remaining in this satsang, how can that sin be calculated? Wealth is like a cobra. If this cobra goes in our body (if it bites), the pain will be unbearable. Therefore, the renouncer should remain equal inwardly and outwardly, otherwise Acharya or Sadguru will not do anything for him. We should keep Sriji Maharaj before our eyes and behave properly and make others behave properly. This association and preaching are good. One cannot join in Purusottam’s Murti without experiential knowledge. When I had been in Amdavad in the Samvat 1917, Ayodhyaprasadji Maharaj etc. were there. How characteristic they were! And see today- this is all evil effect of bad company. How grand the assembly on that day was as if it was of Aksardham! The assembly is there but what of it- it is somewhat good but does not give satisfaction. If you go higher and higher (in our goal), we will be happy otherwise how can happiness be there! Some strive for authority but authority is like wastage labour. If one behaves according to Maharaj’s commands and makes others behave similarly, there is no harm. But without it, the authority is harmful. It will spoil the other world. One cannot do without imposing authority but before imposing think twice. We have got very good thing. If anyone finds Sriji Maharaj and such great saints from any cosmos, I will give him reward but it is impossible. They are in satsang only. Today Sriji Maharaj shines in satsang but we cannot see Him- only those having divine sight can see. This is all the game of inward. If there is as much love for Maharaj as we have in wealth, nothing will be impossible. We have got gem, which should not be lost. I want to do good of all but those who are riding blind horse in the form of fascination would not listen to talks or talks of knowledge and would get frightened from the distance by such talks. Today I have to remove fascination- once it is driven out, it will be akhanda sohag (means one will remain always with Maharaj). Perform mental worship five times, meditate, in all activities like walking, sleeping, sitting, etc. one should meditate. Memory must be kept, Murti should not be forgotten even for a moment. If one aim is kept, he will not like to see anything else- otherwise maya is very strong. In Satyug atmanistha (establishment in one’s true form, the self) was so firm that if anyone poured hot liquid of lead in ears, may thrust iron bar in eyes, and remove teeth with pincers, he would not even complain and bear the pain. In Kaliyug the devotee will face all kinds of opposition with smiling face. ‘Nakhe adavat diye galyu tene bhakta samje dayalu’ (even if one may abuse and plant false allegations on a devotee, the devotee will take it as his mercy). Thus he takes it as virtue but would not be angry. If one throws dust, refuse, even then saint will remain impartial- this is called atmanistha. Nature should be so peaceful and simple that nobody can point accusing finger. We are outside the circle of activities of Prakrti so we should not feel sorry. If we feel sorry, we are said to be in the activity of Prakrti. In Vachanamrt, it is said to beat five times with shoes daily, if one becomes sorry in no time. How can he bear the beating of shoes. If he is eager to please Sriji Maharaj, he can do everything.” || 40 ||