In the morning of Aso Sud 9th, the 45th Vachanamrt of Gadhada Middle Chapter was being read in the assembly. In it, it is said that one should please God and His devotees. Purani Kesavpriyadasji asked, “We can please God and His devotees, but how can we please muktas who dwell in Murti?” Bapasri replied, “It is not necessary to separately please muktas dwelling in Murti because they get pleased along with Maharaj. So, if we please Maharaj they get pleased. If we please param ekantik muktas and seekers, Maharaj get pleased along with them. If we consider ourselves as servant, we can dwell in Murti.” Then Swami Isvarcharanadasji said to Bapasri, “We request you to keep us all in Murti.” Giving this boon, Bapasri said, “All right Maharaj!”

The 27th Vachanamrt of Gadhada Last Chapter was being read at night in the assembly. In it, it is said that one should join in every way to divine and blissful Murti. So Purani Kesavpriyadasji asked, “What does it mean by ‘in everyway’?” Bapasri replied, “It means that one should not join Murti in a particular part of It; we should join It with all parts. One should join Murti from bottom to top and from all sides. We should not remain outside Murti. We should completely dwell in Murti.”

Purani asked again, “Param ekantiks live in front of Murti but how to understand that muktas dwelling inside Murti are in front of It?” Bapasri replied, “While dwelling constantly in Murti they see the whole Murti without a break in time. This means that they are in front of it.” Then in that Vachanamrt, the point was that for a devotee to fall from the Satsang because of pride is more likely than because of lust. Bapasri said, “One may be doing all the spiritual means, but pride spoils all his efforts in a minute. One having pride spoils everything because of his pride. If one is lustful, he can be tolerated but the one having pride cannot be trusted. This can be seen when great saints or devotees try to change such a person’s nature, he will think ill of them because of his pride. Therefore, this is the danger for the one having pride because by such thoughts his life is likely to be spoiled.” While Bapasri was talking thus, his grandson Jadavjibhai brought baked millet which was then offered to Ṭhakorji. After distributing the baked millet as prasad among the saints and devotees, Bapasri said, “Parents feed their children first and they would eat if there is something left over, and if there is nothing left over they remain hungry. ‘Hath khalla to de Alla’ (if our hands are empty because of giving to others, God will fill them). We should stick only to Lord Swaminarayana, so there are heaps of joy. Remain engrossed in Murti.” Then he asked Asabhai, “Do you know atma, anatma and Parmatma? If you know, show me.” Asabhai replied, “Whatever is inferior to the luminescence of Maharaj is anatma and the luminescence of Maharaj is atma and Maharaj Himself is Parmatma.” Bapasri praisingly said, “You seem to have become a realised. The one who is realised sees only Maharaj –he has not anything else. Some say that samadhi is better but it is not better. Desires for worldly objects and heavenly powers still persist in one who goes into samadhi. Therefore, the realisation of God is called continuous samadhi and it is the best. Wherever he sees, he sees Murti, but does not see anything. As it was not understood thus by Ladkibai, when she was sent into samadhi she started screaming on seeing luminescence. Then Maharaj said, “See only Murti; neither your body which is produced in Bhat caste nor anything else does exist.” Similarly, Gordhanbhai did not see anything else except Murti. When he was sent to look for water, he said that it was not there. Man with such state sees only Murti, he may also see Murti riding on horseback, or moving about. Thus, he does not see anything except Murti. Elephants, chariots, horses, celestial planes, etc. disappear in a moment and there remains nothing except Murti. Maharaj made Gordhanbhai eat salt and sugar, taste of which was felt same by him. It is called constant samadhi. Dharma Dhurandhar Acharya Sri Ayodhyaprasadji ate dudhpak which instead of being sweet was salty because somebody had unknowingly added salt to it. All others tasted it salty. Such samadhi is the best one. No hurdle can disturb this samadhi.” Saying so, Bapasri concluded his talk. || 27 ||