Once Vithaljibhai and Maganbhai came for darsan from Bhuj and had brought with them grapes. At that time Bapasri was at the dining place to give darsan to devotees. Vithaljibhai and Maganbhai went there and had darsan. They offered grapes to Bapasri and prayed to him to accept it. At first Bapasri said, “I do not eat fruits of this world. I am always eating divine meal in the form of bliss of Murti. But since you have come with the sankalpa through out the way let me offer to Maharaj.” Saying so two pieces were taken by Bapasri, after offering it to Ṭhakorji. Then he gave Prasad to devotees and said that this was the yajna of Vithaljibhai and Maganbhai. Then a devotee who was standing with his son in his arms to get him darsan of Bapasri, that child was offered a piece of grape which was put in mouth of that child by Bapasri and Bapasri said that this is a child now but when he grows up he will be very strong.” Saying so, he put his hand on the head of that child and went to temple. In the square of the temple Bapasri showed his wish to rest for a while. Then a devotee spread a carpet on which Bapasri sat. At that time Bapasri called Purani Kesavpriyadasji near him and said, “Why are you not taking rest for a while? You need some rest because you have to read katha.” Purani said, “Bapa! I get rest by seeing you. Saints, devotees, young, old, all are happy on account of your mercy. This time you have opened a big charity in the form of this brahmayajna by showing your mercy, as a result many are benefited. Who can feed divine meal in the form of bliss of Murti excepting you? The mercy beyond limit shown by you can only be known as it is by great Sadguru Swami. Saints, devotees, all young or old get joy because of your mercy. The mysterious words that this Murti will fly away uttered by you at the time of tying your wrist, have made many think about it.” Bapasri said, “Purani! Sriji Maharaj will do all well. Where have I to go after flying? It was only a passing remark (I said it only for the sake of saying). Our Master is very powerful so he has kept in Murti only. So whatever I say should not be taken seriously. Maharaj may keep me as He likes. We should be pleased according to His wish. Sadgurus and Seth Baldevbhai, Chaturbhai, Dr. Nagardasbhai, etc. were asking me that what my wish was when I told gorMaharaj to tie wrist firmly and see that this Murti does not fly away. These words were uttered in the assembly in the presence of all. They further told me that I was showing much pleasure on them, was arranging such big yajna and whenever I begin any work I ask them how this was to be done. Nothing is unknown to you even then you say so to please us but this much talk you are keeping secret from us and we do not understand the reason of it. Then I told Swami that we are not separate. We are always together in Murti. Men’s wish cannot be realised in this world. ‘Mari maraji vinare koithi tarnu nav todaya’ (even a straw cannot be pulled without His wish- Sriji Maharaj has said thus). Therefore, we should remain according to His wish. Do not have any kind of thought in mind- we are constantly always together in Murti-never separate. It was said thus.” Purani Kesavpriyadasji was consoled in this way.

In the evening Bapasri came in the assembly and he performed puja with sandalwood paste, flower, etc. of Sriji Maharaj, holy book and Purani. Bapasri told Jay Swaminarayana to whole assembly and sat on seat. At that time Bapasri removed his kediu (a kind of shirt), turban and covered himself upper body with dhoti and taken sandalwood dish in hand, he applied sandalwood paste to saints and devotees. Then the eldest son of Bapasri named Kanjibhai took a dish of sandalwood paste from Bapasri and requested him to sit in the assembly and he applied sandalwood paste to all. ||134 ||