In the evening on the 6th day of Vaishakh Vad, Bapashri and all saints along with devotees went to bathe at Kakarwadi. There they had bath and deed mental worship sitting under the babul tree. Then Bapashri showing his grace started his talk and said, “Wherever there are Param Ekantik, there is Maharaj. Greatness of Maharaj and Muktas is indescribable. No simile can be used for them. They dwell in Murti constantly. They do all their activities viz. waking, eating, drinking, etc. as Maharaj’s desire. Though they are doer of the action, they are non-doer because the real doer is Maharaj. Parvatbhai had said to Shriji Maharaj, “People say that I have completed sixty years, but if I have seen anything in this world or enjoyed or listened to except Your Murti, I swear in the name of five hundred Paramhansas. I always dwell in Your Murti and see nothing else.” Thus Muktas are non-doer of action. Though they have such power, they tolerate honour-dishonour of ignorant persons. They tolerate it though they are capable of doing anything. If some one troubles them, they think that it is worship because they take virtues of that person who troubles. The troublemaker commits a sin. This is like someone who gives us two strokes of a stick and leaves two gold-coins for us. Therefore, devotee of God should forgive. There is no weapon like forgiveness. The sins of the one who forgive will go to the person who becomes angry. The fruits , of good deeds of gets angry is transferred to the forgiver. Therefore one should fear while harming the devotee of God. One should not keep ‘I-ness’ and ‘mine-ness’ because that will lead to offence of great Muktas. When there is affection, the great devotee of God may be taken as an ordinary devotee and an ordinary devotee will be taken as a great devotee. That will be an offence of devotee. One should be careful in the case of devotee of God; otherwise there will be lot of miseries in this world and that will also harm the soul, because if ordinary devotee is taken as great devotee he will also get angry. If some one worships the disciple instead of the preceptor, the disciple will feel that it is totally wrong and he will not like it so he will also get angry. Then it will be unbecoming of the worshipper and he will have to separate from the sea of happiness in the form of the Satsang. He will go through misery and it will be displeasing in the Satsang. We know that some suffer because of that, so we should not keep ego or affection. We should live as dasanudas (the servant of a servant). In the Bhakta Chintamani, Mahaprabhuji has said thus: “Dasna das thaine je rahe satsangma, bhakti teni bhali manish rachish tena rangma” (Those who remain as servant of servants in the Satsang their devotion will be accepted as good and I will get engrossed in their devotion). Therefore we should remain thus.” || 8 ||