Samvat 1974, in the month of Jeth, three letters of Bapashri from Vruspur came to Swami Ishwarcharandasji. He was asked to come immediately as there was an urgent work. So Swami Ishwarcharandasji and other saints went to Kutch from Gujarat and on the day of Ashad Sud 1st, reached to the temple of Vruspur in the evening. There Bapashri was standing at the well. He met them and said that he has been waiting for them for a month but they took much time. Bapashri wanted to invite illness but he waited till then. Swami Ishwarcharandasji said, “There was a quarrel in Vishotpara about the temple so had to stay back but after receiving your third letter I came soon.” Then there was arti and after arti they sat and Bapashri invited fever and for three days vomited and suffered from diarrhoea and then went in trance. He did not come out for six days. Then on the day of Ashad Sud 9th ,opened his eyes and said to call Dhanjibhai from Narayanpur. A messenger was sent but he was not at home, so he came in the morning of 10th (dasham). Then Swami Ishwarcharandasji said to Bapashri that Dhanjibhai had come. Bapashri opened his eyes and asked to take home his bed. He was taken home. After reaching home, made the the will of twenty eight thousand kori for giving to his relatives, poor satsangis, service (seva) of Thakorji of Bhuj and for arranging parayan and giving meal (rasoi) at both regions and on the morning of 12th (barash), Bapashri asked for leave to all saints, devotees and said that at 12-00 o’clock, he would disappear from this world and asked to offer offering (thal) to Thakorji and feed all saints to break fast of ekadashi. He told devotees that all elders should remain at home. He told priest Ramji bhakta to prepare a garland. Then fifty saints of Ahmadabad, Muli, Brahmachari Nirgunanandji of Bhuj, Purani Keshavpriyadasji and devotees of Kutch, Zalawad, all become sad. Saints did not offer thal to Thakorji. Till 11.0o’clock, all prayed and said to continue to give darshan by showing grace on them. Bapashri showing great mercy said, ‘Het joi harijan na vahalo pote thaya prasanna‘-seeing the love of devotees, the doer himself got pleased’.ok. Shriji Maharaj has kept me by hearing your prayer. Cook food “I am going to stay and then told devotees to go and carry on their work.” Then Swami Ishwarcharandasji asked if he could remove the bed to the temple.” Bapashri said, ok. Take it there. Then Thakorji was offered thal and Bapashri was fed and all saints and devotees ate and Bapashri draw away illness.

Thereafter saints and devotees took Bapashri to chhatri in small cot and some times they would take him to the farm. Many devotees and saints of Zalawad and Gujarat used to come to inquire about Bapashri’s health. Bapashri said, “Many saints and devotees have come, so arrange Parayan right now and start sending invitations and those who are left out will also come. Then invitations were sent. Parayan of seven days was arranged. It was on the volume, ‘Shree Purushottam Lilamrut Sukhsagar‘, written by Shree Nirgunanandji Brahmchari. It came to end on Ashad Vad Amavashya. On that day meals were arranged at chhatri and for devotees meals were arranged on the east side of chhatri near talavadi but there was shortage of place so devotees built pandals at a distant place in a farm and chulas (hearth for cooking) were made. Bapashri through Swami Ishwarcharandasji and Nirgunanandji Brahmchari told them that strong wind would blow and panadal would blow up and sand will fall in food and it will be troublesome for you. Therefore, prepare meals near talavadi in the shelter of chhatri but devotees did not obey. Then Swami Ishwarcharandasji said, “Many people would move about in talavadi, so there will be shortage of space, therefore, order wind not to put obstacle.” Bapashre said, “O.K. I will tell wind not to put obstacle.” Then meals were prepared and saints and devotees dined at their respective places and Bapashri also took a little meal by saint insistence. In the evening they came to the temple. On the next day, some of the devotees went back to their villages and some of devotees and all saints remained in the service of Bapashri and discourses on the gist of Vachanamrut was read everyday in the morning and evening in the temple of Vruspur. And Bapashri used to go one day to the farm and one day to the chhatri sitting on a small cot. Thus he was doing lilla.

Once Swami Ishwarcharandasji prayed and said, “You were to disappear but stayed back showing mercy on us. You have driven away that big kal, but there is another kal. Please show your grace and drive it away,” Bapashri said, “I will kick it and it will go away and it will rain and at all places wheat and gram will grow in big quantity and for animals grass will grow and cotton will also grow.” Everything happened that way.

Once Bapashri came to chhatri. The small cot was prepared for him but did not sit on it and walked up to chhatri (which was outside the village) and then sat on it. Swami Ishwarcharandasji asked, “Bapa, why did you not sit from the temple?” Bapashri said, “Lalubhai and Mahadevbhai had a sankalpa (thought) that I become so alright that I could walk up to the temple outside the village, then they would go to Karanchi, so I walked and will permit them to go to Karanchi. Then they went to chhatri, took bath, performed mental worship and all worshipped Bapashri by applying sandalwood paste on his head which was prepared by saints. Then Bapashri did pooja of all. Then they all came to temple and told Lalubhai, Mahadevbhai, etc. devotees of Karanchi that their thought has been fulfilled and permitted to go to Karanchi. Afterwards these devotees felt sorry for their such thought because they will have to go by leaving such darshan and opportunity. Tears of love rolled down their cheeks and felt very sorry. Bapashri told them not to think that he was only in Kutch, but he is also in Karanchi. He was omnipresent with Shriji Maharaj and asked them to go with the consolation that he was always with them. Then devotees went.

On the morning of Shravan Sud 11th , Bapashri came to chhatri and arranged katha on the gist of Vachanamrut. Saint Muktavallabhdasji had prepared sandalwood paste which was applied on the forehead of Bapashri by saint and devotees. Bapashri said, “This divine sandalwood paste is applied in Akshardham but it is not of this world-know thus.Whosoever is touched by the drop of this sandalwood will be taken to Akshardham by me. Saying so he met all and along all saints and devotees, he came to the temple.

On the day of Shravan Sud 15th ,Bapashri along with all saints and devotees came to chhatri and there arranged discourses on Vachanamrut. Saint Devjivandasji and other saints had brought sandalwood paste with which they all performed Bapashri’s pooja and garlanded him. Then Bapashri applied sandalwood paste to all and met to all and all came back to temple.

On the morning of Shravan Vad 11th ,Bapashri came to chhatri and arranged discourses on the gist of Vachanamrut and praised the book. Then saints and devotees applied sandalwood paste to Bapashri and garlanded and Bapashri also applied it to all saints and devotees, met them and came to temple.

On the day of Shravan Vad 30th ,Bapashri sitting on small cot came to Kakarwadi along with saints and devotees. There they all bathed and performed mental worship. Then discourses on the gist of Vachanamrut was read and pooja of all with sandalwood paste and garlanding was performed and after meeting all came to the temple.

On the day of Shamvedi Shravni (on this day Brahmin change their sacred threads), Bapashri, saints and devotees came to chhatri. There katha of Vachanamrut Rahsyarth Pradipika Tika (gist) was arranged to be read. Then all saints were bestowed with sacred threads by Bapashri and he said that those were divine sacred threads of Akshardham. Then saints performed pooja of Bapashri with sandalwood paste and garlands and Bapashri also performed their pooja in the same way and sprayed sandalwood paste which was filled in bowls and said this is the vartman for all. He said that, that was such a yagna (ritual) as arranged by Parvatbhai. All those who have come in this yagna have got ultimate liberation. Thus thousand of saints and devotees were blessed by Bapashri showing his grace. Then all came to the temple.

On the day of Bhadava Sud 5th ,katha of Vachanamrut Rahsyarth Pradipika came to end. On that occasion Bapashri performed pooja of Vachanamrut satik and put dhoti on all saints. On that day Merai Khimjibhakta of Rampur and Parmar Dahyabhakta and Valji gave rasoi (meal) on the occasion of Parayan ending day. Then saints of Amdavad, Muli and all devotees who had came from other places were given leave. So all satsangi went to their respective villages and saints started for Narayanpur. To give them send off Bapashri escorted them up to the out skirt of the village.The saint Ghanshyamdasji follower Swami Ishwarcharandasji had fever. Bapashri asked him “Do you want to go Akshardham?” Saint said that he wanted to go and requested to Bapashri to put him in Maharaj’s Murti. Then Bapashri came home and saint went to Narayanpur. On the next day saint Ghanshyamdas after taking meals at noon, washed his pattar (bowl), dried his tumbdu (wooden Pot) and put them in his bag, took bath and started doing dhun (collective utterance of God’s name) in the porch. The other thirty saints who were with him, all did dhun with him for quarter of hour and saint Ghanshyamdasji left for the Akshardham. All saints stayed there for fifteen days.Bapashri came and told Swami Ishwarcharandasji, “A thought for Parayan, etc. was made during illness and that all has been done, now the work of giving meal is pending, so take money through someone and give meals at both places. Then money was taken by Kalyanbhakta and meals were given at both places. ||198 ||