On the day Vaishakh Vad 4th ,Bapashri showing his favour, talked. He said, “The technique of Meditation should be learnt in such a way that we feel that we are in Maharaj’s Murti and it speaks, walks, and it is done by Maharaj but it is not possible without his grace. If he meditates without the grace of Muktas, siddhis (super natural power) will appear before him and if he is tempted by them, he will miss his goal. The one having matured determination cannot be tempted. Those siddhis are also got by the person having matured determination, because of Swaminarayan’s grace. One Mahadevbhakta son of Amarshibhakta of Halvad had come to Kutch. He was not allowed to enter the temple of Rampara. He was pushed out, for two days he did not get food. He went to Kera and on the third day he asked for a carrot from an old woman and ate. Then he came to my (Bapashri’s) farm and prostrated. I was watering the field. I kept the work aside and went to him, knew him and fed him. Then he went to Mandvi. When he came back from Mandvi, he met me at the west side of the well. There we talked much. Amashibhakta had Shriji Maharaj to write a document in which he stated that all saints in Halvad should be given meals on the day of every ‘Barash’ (Twelfth day of fortnight). It was given till Jeshingbhai was there. On every ‘Barash‘ Jeshingbhai used to give meals so he was called Barshia in Halvad. Mahadevbhai had started to become saint, Ayodhyaprasadji Maharaj refused him. Even then he became saint. Maharajshree cursed him that he would not be able to remain at one place. Ayodhyaprasadji Maharaj’s greatness was like that of Shriji Maharaj. By his darshan one would become calm. Shriji Maharaj moves about in satsang on the roze horse back. Muktas also move with Him and see the game of satsang. Then Swami Ishwarcharandasji said, “They do see but do nothing.” Bapashri said, “The devotee of God has lost nothing. Everything whatever he wants is in satsang. The treasure is full but because of childish nature he does not know. If he has joy and pride of Murti he requires nothing. || 219 ||