Once Bapasri gave darsan to Bapubhai and told him that he would fetch his wife and his elder son in a few days. Bapubhai said to Bapasri to do as he wished but he would have to prepare food himself. He added that his father had much love on his elder son so he would be sorry. Instead he could take younger son who was to be born. He further asked what was the life span of the son whom Bapasri was referring? Bapasri said that his life span was much. Bapubhai requested Bapasri to give the life span of the younger son who was to be born to the elder son and instead of elder son if younger one was fetched, it would be better and he would also fetch his mother if he wished. Bapasri said O.K. Then the elder son was kept and Bapasri said that his mother would be fetched after a year. When it was exactly a year Bapasri gave her darsan and fetched her. || 21 ||