On the day of Magsar Sud 13th, Bapashri showing his favour, talked. He said, “The father of Muktajivandasji named Kalyanbhakta was a devotee. Shree Ayodhyaprasadji Maharaj had come to Kutch and he was sitting on a cot. Kalyanbhakta said that he (Ayodhyaprasadji) was Shriji Maharaj. When he came to fetch him Kalyanbhakta said, “Lord who was on cot had come to fetch him. He was such a devotee. We should also become like him. There was a well in our village. Ayodhyaprasadji Maharaj himself drew water from the well and took bath- such was Acharyaji bravo, the Ayodhyaprasadji Maharaj! He used to remain happy considering happiness as that of Mahaprabhuji who is the cause. He would not care whether it is salty or a without salty thing and once he drank dudhpak (preparation of milk) having salt in it. If ego is there, Swami will go to take bath when the disciple tells him that water is ready. Therefore, happiness should be believed in cause (i.e. Maharaj) and should pursue the cause. Shree Purushottamprasadji Maharaj came to my village in the coach driven by six horses. One horse became ill so another was brought and then entered the village. Today happiness is considered in activity. I told that Ayodhyaprasadji Maharaj came alone in the bullock-cart. Then he laughed. Inanimate is an obstacle. A saint came in Samvat 1912, devotee gave him five rupee, Swami Achyutdasji made him do penance. He may be learned, may be pandit, but if he is attracted to inanimate, God will be displeased and if he does not do penance he will be made to do penance in the next birth, then only he will be liberated. ‘Sau ne vash karu re sau no karan hu Bhagvan‘ (All are fascinated by me and the cause of all is me i.e. God). The cause is Shriji Maharaj. He should be recognized also saint should be recognized then only commands are obeyed. Otherwise, they are not obeyed and there is no salvation. Frangrance comes from flowers like kewda etc. and that is felt. Similarly, Muktas should be recognized. Shri Gopalanand Swami and Maharaj went to fetch four or five brahmins. Saint asked them, “What is the reason that you went to fetch brahmins?” Maharaj replied, “That was because the wind which touched Gopalanand Swami touched brahmins- that was his power. How it can be known- it can be known than Jiva is attracted to it. Therefore, trust and love should be kept so that you get liberation, and if you do reasoning, he will not get liberation. You were telling the knowledge as Gopaliu knowledge and now why are you going after it like a mad man?” Then Swami replied, “Livelihood is got because of the talks of Swami Shri Nirgundasji.” Bapashri said, “Without Murti you are called childless. If greatness is understood properly, there will not be any trouble and will not become unsteady even if one tries to make him so. If he has no value of greatness, he may say that DadaKhachar Darbar is read but he cannot take interest in it. Maharaj himself talks through my medium know that they are words of Maharaj. Then Bapashri said, “Maharaj! Please read. Saying so he said, if you are engrossed in Murti you will not be away from Maharaj and determination is also the same. If the determination is not firm, someone may make you unsteady and he will become unsteady. If one constantly keeps Maharaj’s Murti, then only it will become such determination and one who has such determination will know that Maharaj and Mukta are as what they are- they are non doer, and nirlep (without attachment).” You are lord with two arms but to know you is rare. One should remember lillas which had been done at various places and that is this lilla. Here are those incarnation, are not you? Saint said, “Bapa! Why should we say no since you are telling us?” Then Bapashri said what can be done by other incarnation- nothing can be done. Ultimate liberation is possible through this incarnation. Just as the thoughts of (sankalpa) Gopalanand Swami worked, similarly you are also thoughts. Murti is possible by taking photograph of illusive (mayik) form then if Murti is form by sankalpa of divine Murti- what is new in it? Controversy about it was going on in Kumbharia. Dhanjibhai replied that the whole earth is of sankalpa- where is the wonders? Therefore, mind should be in satsang. Sadguru Swami Nirgundasji lived on the first story of the hospital. If any devotee went there one of the saint will tell him to go upstairs. None of us has any power- why they said so because they had not achieved cause, so they were helpless.

Then the 4th Vachanamrut of middle chapter was being read. In it, it is said that God comes in Prakruti Purush, even then howsoever He is, He is because of His power. Bapashri said, “God has neither to come nor to go. He appears through vast luminescence but in the eyes of the people of this world, seem to be coming and going. Then Bapashri said, “Udhav, Narad, Sanak, etc. are in this satsang. Gopis are also here so there is no need to search for them. All these saints are Gopis and these satsangis are Udhav etc.- it should be known thus.” ‘Pativrata no dharma achal kari paljo‘ (follow the dharma of chaste wife). Therefore, if you cannot behave according to the commands of Maharaj, it will be a great loss. Muktas will do away with our fate. Dhanjibhai agreed with the statement. He told Bapashri that he was kept inspite of he had no life span. He further said to Bapashri that he was very useful to satsangi in his happiness and unhappiness. He said to Bapashri that he was like a shield for satsangi,so my fate was changed by him. In Kumbharia a devotee who had violated vartman had come. Some had sided with him and had brought him through sadhu (saffron clothes). But, you (Bapashri) immediately drove him out and saint could do nothing. He was my relative (Dhanjibhai) but did not side with him. Therefore, relation should not be maintained at the cost of Dharma. Then Bapashri said, “He does Katha-Varta rosary, sings devotional songs, performs mental worship, but he cannot sit in meditation. He has understood greatness in human feelings and he who constantly remains in meditation has understood greatness with divine feeling. Then divine feeling is understood, he will agree with Muktas in all matter-if they say it is night he will also say it is night and if they say it is day he will also say it is day but will not do reasoning. Then Bapashri asked to start to reading. A saint ran away leaving illusion (Maya) but it comes to him with force. It trouble in Shushupti (subconscious), swapna (dream), Jagrut (awake) states and even in physical body. It will go away when he dwells in Murti for years together and does not come out of it. That Murti is boundless and you can not find its bound. You have met Him who can get you Murti. When experience knowledge is realized, it is called real knowledge. But if make wrong as wrong, you can not get experience. Experience knowledge emits from Maharaj’s Murti which draws you in Murti. There were Mulji and Krishnaji of Mankuva they had got experience knowledge. They had pull towards Maharaj’s Murti. Maharaj made them averse but they did not leave Maharaj i.e. real experience knowledge. Gaurishankar took meaning of animate illusion as God. He was very good devotee but did not understand. || 240 ||