Then Bapasri talked, “Just as we have to deliver someone’s article and someone else dines without information; similarly, the senses of such jiva which does not believe that the body and jiva are apart uses its knowledge without its notice.” Mistry Mavjibhai of Sukhpur asked, “What if great muktas give knowledge from outside to jiva?” Bapasri said, “If there is divine feeling for Maharaj and muktas he will get joy and jiva gets it from outside and if it has human feeling for them, it will be used by senses and it would not reach to jiva. Therefore, tendency should not be like a monkey. When Anadi muktas talk, it should be known as divine. Sriji Maharaj is in the mass of luminescence, and on all around the whole cosmos is full with the assembly of muktas. Circles of luminescence are formed and that make sound of luminescence. It is called pranavnad. Saying so, all were blessed with the happiness of Murti.

Then Bapasri said, “If the thread appears different from beads of rosary it is mayik feeling and if it appears as a whole it is experiential knowledge. The knowledge of this world increases by education so if experiential knowledge increases it is not a surprise. There is no end of this knowledge. One can give the measurement of water and the earth with the education of this world but the knowledge of Murti cannot be measured by it. Great Anadis give happiness of Murti to innumerable people with experiential knowledge. If one wants to take the kingdom of Vadodara, he cannot take it by doing work of labour but the king will pleasingly give it if he shows grace. Great Anadi muktas and Maharaj have made this path. The one who does not recognise muktas in this assembly is at loss. At least if one understands that there is everything at the place of God, it is enough. Brahmanand Swami, Gopalanand Swami and present saints are all divine. When one gets real virtues of saints, he is fulfilled. In satsang, if one keeps real feeling of servant and remains in it without pride, then he would understand the human feeling and the divine feeling as one, otherwise not. To clarify the point the example of Vedantanand Brahmachari was given. He did not eat prasadi of Maharaj in Bhuj and afterwards he repented. When Maharaj Himself was here in human form, some had doubt, which should not be kept. The happiness of Murti is being prevailed by great Anadis today and sends innumerable devotees to Aksardham. If we get attached to such muktas, we will develop divine feeling for Maharaj and will become doubtless. Muktas faced reputable barristers and several devotees were protected by the grace of Sriji Maharaj. Such is the divine power of Maharaj. He who has given support will not back out. Similarly, when you get attached to Sriji Maharaj and His Anadi muktas how they can back out. Some forget even though they have got such an opportunity- what an ignorance! There are mountains of worldly affairs in this world- break that Brahmaraksas and install Maharaj so that by the grace of Murti, one will get divine knowledge. Then someone may doubt that how can one develop love without getting happiness of Maharaj and without acquaintance of muktas? He thinks that we get together and do katha-varta, which we do it to get the happiness of Maharaj and only for salvation. We should install Sriji Maharaj’s transcendent Murti in soul itself for which purpose great Anadis are ready to install it. so, get attached to them with divine feeling.

Then Bapasri said, “He who is sitting in the chariot of the sun has nothing like day and night. Similarly, he whose sight has become the form of Murti has no kala, no karma, no day, no night and no age. His everything has become the happiness in the luminescence of Murti of Purusottam Narayana. Therefore, Brahmpur, Golok, etc. should not be remembered and should not be inquired of excepting Murti. If those are remembered, muktas feeling will be hurt because they may think he may have some desire. It is not good if we ask muktas for its reliability. Once, a saint asked me and I told him that I have seen and experienced nothing excepting Murti. If you want, I have Murti. Sriji Maharaj has made forests in villages- what are those forests? He has made divine temples where there is no maya– it is the form of a boat. We trust that after sitting in a boat, it will land us at the bank. Similarly that much trust should be kept in great muktas that they are sure to take us in the bliss of Maharaj. ‘Nirgunna guna gay dharmasut ladilo’ (the one who praises virtues of having no virtues that son of Dharma is dear). If the other knowledge is less, do not worry but keep such strong determination that this is saint, he is Anadi, he is without attributes and the assembly is constant. In the centre, there is Murti. If one understands that muktas and Murti are having oneness, much will be done. This talk is not understood by the one who depends on scriptures only. The caretaker of a child will act like a child and though he may show something apart, similarly, he also considers saint, muktas assembly and Maharaj as separate and also considers them to be together. When jaggery, sugar, ghee are mixed in flour, it gives happiness but if only flour is taken it will not give happiness. Therefore, there is happiness in unity. All muktas are sitting where there is Murti. This is a divine assembly and should not remain alone leaving it and should not lament for anything. Since we have met Maharaj and great Anadi, it is the sign of victory. If it remains like this till the last moment of life span, it is enough. The affairs of this world are like ghost- if it embraces, it will not leave. The ox of Kathiyawad is beaten with a nail in the stick but it has no fear of it and never cares for beating after beating. Similarly, in continuous association, this knowledge will go deep so everything will be understood. The nature of jiva is such that whatever it sees it gets joy but there is no inward joy. Therefore, the joy of happiness of Murti should be from inside. If something goes wrong in the sect and if he does not think that whatever Maharaj and muktas do must be doing as they think fit and interfere but jiva does not think that it is the work of Maharaj- such is its mistake. What is the capacity of jiva? Nothing is seen but becomes an owner of it- he suffers a lot. The owner is Maharaj and great muktas, and if we keep them with us, nobody can harm. If Maharaj and saint are kept as guard, they will take us directly in the bliss of Murti.” ||58||