On the 5th day of Vaishakh Vad, Bapashri talked on the way from Vrushpur to Kera. He said, “For the seekers, prasadi of charanraj (dust touched by the feet of Shriji Maharaj) is the best prasadi of all other prasadis. After knowing the importance of prasadi of charanraj if one casts it on the head of him who is empowered by ghost, the ghost will go away. And if it is cast on the head of sinner, he will become free from sins. Therefore prasadi of charanraj is the best. One should not be pleased by eating delicious dishes of this world and considering them as tasty food but we should take mahaprasad in the form of bliss of Shriji Maharaj’s Murti. For those who are in the state of emancipation the bliss of the whole Murti is the best.”

Swami Vrundavandasji asked, “Maharaj gives darshan to seekers. Does He give them according to their wish or according to the wish of Muktas and His?” Then Bapashri replied, “They get darshan according to the wish of Maharaj and great Muktas but those who are emancipated get darshan according to their wish and also get happiness as they wish it. Whereas, the seekers get happiness by the grace of Muktas and they treat Muktas as their preceptor. Just as a servant believes that he has become as rich as his master because of his master’s support and remains obliged to him, and whenever he meets his boss, he honours him and shows humbleness. Similarly seeker treats Muktas as their preceptor because they have got knowledge from Muktas. Moreover, they feel that the happiness is on account of Muktas. Such kind of feeling of preceptor is there and principal aim is Maharaj.” Talking thus he went to Kera. There he installed Murti and at that time there was a big miracle. The luminescence that emitted from Murti spread everywhere. Some people saw it. In the evening while returning to Vrushpur he talked on the way, “Though even a person may be virtueless, he will have at least some virtue and we should take that virtue and should not take his vice. We should be impartial to all. The stanuch follower should be fed with the delicious dishes in the form of talks of Shriji Maharaj’s Murti and ordinary souls should be preached according to their liking- just as ill persons are served with bhajia and vadas.” Talking thus he came to Vrishpur. || 5 ||