In the evening Bapasri sitting on the upper storey of the temple, showing his favour started talking. He said, “Anadi muktas are constantly engrossed in Murti. They are seen on the earth by the sankalpa of Maharaj for the ultimate liberation of infinite jivas. At that time, whosoever comes in their sight is fulfilled. Sriji Maharaj says that I can be got immediately by the association of such Anadi. Such muktas are Murti of Brahma itself. We may call them form of Hari, form of Purusottam, or enjoyer of bliss of Murti. All their activities are divine, having no attributes and supernatural- they have no need to be recognised. They can be seen in every activity like sitting, getting up, seem to be talking about miraculous talks of Murti’s bliss, seen to be remaining engrossed in meditation and seem to be showing feeling of divine principles. In this way, great Anadi muktas are recognised in many ways. Everything viz. Lord Purusottam, Aksardham which is luminescence of Sriji Maharaj, infinite muktas are there, wherever they tread. By their power, they show that to all by giving them divine sight, so curtains of innumerable devotees are removed. They thoroughly describe human feeling, Idol feeling, divine feeling so that one understands that they are these Anadi muktas. In their shade, there is only happiness and when one met such, he is fulfilled. Our guru Swamisri Nirgundasji gave the example by saying that how great muktas spread the happiness of Purusottam in satsang after taking it by themselves? Just as thermal power stations transmit power to all and there lamps etc. are lighted. The steam has relationship via steam turbine with the generator and if that relationship breaks, the work of transmission will be hampered and we do not get light. Similarly, here in the place of generator there are great muktas and God. They appear in human form, which is the divine form of Purusottam, and remove the darkness in the form of ignorance of jivas by lighting knowledge and happiness and make them very happy by lighting the lamp in the form of knowledge. Those great muktas have always the relationship with Sriji Maharaj and they always behave according to the desire of Purusottam and remain immersed in the bliss of Murti. Just as Laksmiji remains immersed with love in Sri Krsna. Similarly, those muktas remain immersed on account of much love. How the great muktas are- they are such that make they jiva happy in this world or in the other world. They are always there to do the good of jiva. Such great muktas never boast about their greatness or about capacity because they do not have their ego. Whatever they say about capacity, happiness, greatness, they say only of Lord Purusottam. Though such muktas appear like human being, they are miraculous divine Murti. They are birthless and have never taken birth in human form. They are always in Purusottam’s Murti and immersed in bliss and they appear in the human form in this world because of Maharaj’s desire, thus Bapasri talked by showing his favour. || 73 ||