In Samvat year 1962, Bapasri came to fetch Parvatibai aunt of Patel Jethabhai and Isvardas of Saraspur. At that time she asked Bapasri not to touch her because she was suffering from dysentery and water and food were thrown out of the body, so she was impure. Bapasri said, “Remove the cot, the mattresses and everything and get the floor covered with cow dung and clay. Get another cot and spread mattresses on it and eat whatever you want to eat for the whole day today and drink water –even then you will not have to go for relieving.” Then she ate every thing for the whole day and drank water. Bapasri was sitting on pat (a kind of cot) and gave her darsan from morning to evening. When it was night she had darsan of Sriji Maharaj and many muktas. In this manner many people had darsan of Bapasri. Thus the lady was shown miracles at the time of her death and was fetched. || 30 ||