On the morning of Vaishakh Vad 11th, Bapashri, showing his favour, talked. He said, “This Mukta dwells in Murti from head to toe so he takes the soul in Murti. Seekers can not take them to Maharaj. Happiness of Mahaprabhuji is such that it tastes sweet like consuming sugar even in the dark. This happiness is given to you by Maharaj and Muktas, so enjoy them as you like. All should be known as great but we should know them greater through whom we get happiness. If there is such feeling that this Mukta has realization of Maharaj and if there is no doubts in his talk nor support of scripture is taken Mukta will not keep him unfulfilled. Just as kalpataru makes true our thoughts. Similarly Mukta makes our thoughts true. The one who wishes salvation will get salvation and if he takes fault of others he will get fruits of faults. He considers Mukta as great but their divine talk is not understood by him. Then he begins to doubt whether it is true or not; it is his mistake. He sits with us in the train and he gets down in the middle by confusion so he will not meet again. Even if there is no trust and talk is not believed, we should understand that basic form is Maharaj who is above all. Even though there is no trust, shortcoming should not be taken. If we take shortcoming of great Mukta, it will be harmful. We have got suitable happiness which should not be forgotten. There are many who make us forget it- heart, external forces, world, parents, and even satsangis, all make us forget. There are many such obstacles which deviate us from this path. If one finds faults in Muktas, it is immorality in the Satsang. He keeps all means, but virtues, greatness, and attachment to Muktas are considered as minor, is not proper. We should mainly have Muktas’ attachment and Murti with us. The burden of means should not be kept. Though Murti is realized by meditation, attachment to great Muktas is necessary because they are guides. They explain the greatness and divinity of Maharaj and give abundant happiness and knowledge. Just as soul and body never separate, similarly Maharaj and Muktas never separate. If such Muktas meet us, they will get us Murti which is the cause of all, and they will refrain us from love for body. Luminescence and Murti are white. If any thing appears to be more important than Murti, it should be considered as imperfect.” || 24 ||