In the morning of Fagana Vad 11th, Bapasri, after his daily routine said, “This assembly is of Aksardham. Whosoever remembers this assembly will be free from cycle of birth and death. Drawing attention of saints and devotees Bapasri asked them. Is there any such assembly anywhere? The Master of Aksardham shines in this assembly. So remember this assembly. We have got much benefit. Where is this jiva and where is Purusottam Narayana- how can jiva be worthy of Him? We have achieved a very great thing. The one whose sight is outward cannot understand such talk. Some say that there is spoil in satsang but where is spoil in satsang for them who has only happiness in the happiness of Maharaj! For him Maharaj is only life. He enjoys happiness from every pore of Murti- his thirst is never quenched. He does not see anything outside. If we look at Murti and great muktas, all misery will be done away with- it is the only means for the remedy of misery. In the present time, Maharaj Himself is there in satsang. Whatever one wants will take it. We should keep only Maharaj. What can poor kala, karma or poor maya do in this world without the wish of Maharaj? What capacity have they that they can come to God’s devotees? We should constantly join with Maharaj becoming one with Him. While doing every activity e.g. walking, moving, eating, drinking, etc. we should chant Hare Maharaj! Swaminarayana! In every breath, He should be remembered to become free from misery. By the grace of Maharaj and muktas, saints and devotees all are happy in satsang. If you want to be happy, keep Maharaj and muktas with you. During this time Sriji Maharaj does all activities through the medium of muktas- if one has known thus, all activities will appear divine to him.

Swami Vrndavandasji asked Bapasri, “What kind of darsan of Maharaj would be there in Aksardham at this time?” Bapasri said, “Swami! Maharaj gives darsan in bright luminescence. If sight becomes divine, He is here- it is not so that He is not anywhere. Infinite muktas enjoy bliss dwelling in that Murti. Infinite muktas enjoy bliss staying in front. The place of boundless happiness is Mahaprabhu. Wherever there is happiness in infinite muktas, infinite incarnations, desirous of spiritual powers, infinite mayik jiva, is there in the measure in which they have relationship with Maharaj and also the same measure to those who are in front of Him. How can happiness be far away? Aksardham is above all and in it, there is boundless bliss of Murti. Muktas are luminous, abode is full of luminescence, the whole divine satsang, divine happiness, divine narration, ‘Ati tejomay re ravi sasi kotik varne jay’ (Aksardham is so luminescent that the luminosity of billions of suns and moons together is nothing before it). In such divine abode, Mahaprabhu shines. Muktas remain engrossed in that Murti. We have no share anywhere excepting with Maharaj and muktas and without two of them, there is no place, where we can get peace. Therefore, whatever words we hear should be for Murti. That Murti and muktas give divine luminous darsan in this assembly. One who has divine feeling can see. Sriji Maharaj is constantly present in this assembly, accepting puja, giving gentle smile, gentle fragrant breeze blowing, everything is here. The state in which Maharaj is seen in every place- movable or immovable, and nothing is seen without Him, is the achievement. What to say about Maharaj and about such muktas! It is only the mercy of Sriji Maharaj. Saying so Bapasri wanted to get it confirmed from Swami. Will it be like that? Swami Vrndavandasji confirmed Bapasri’s statement. Then Haribhai prayed to Swami and requested him to take Bapasri to his house. Bapasri asked him where his house was. Swami said there it was, in the compound of temple. Bapasri said O.K. and he went to his house along with saints and devotees. Haribhai applied sandalwood paste to all, garlanded them, gave them cloth, etc. Bapasri asked Haribhai if he was new or old satsangi. Haribhai replied he was as Bapasri would say. Bapasri replied in light mood that since he lived in Kutch how he could know that. Haribhai said that Bapasri was capable and omniscient. There is nothing that he did not know and because of him, the satsang was getting strength. He added that samaiya were daily features. Bapasri said Haribhai, “Sriji Maharaj is constantly with such saints who gave us darsan. Maharaj gives happiness to all. You, myself and these saints are all happy in the happiness of Sriji Maharaj. All those who come to us do not require anything excepting Maharaj and that we give them, because our aim is only Murti. If someone gives us his mind sincerely, he will put him in the cadre of anadi mukta, and no one will be left out in this time. Maharaj says that He has to liberate infinite jivas, so He has started charity of liberation. This is the only work of causal Murti. Maharaj Himself always gives darsan in satsang. The ignorant cannot understand this so these poor people cannot come out from unhappiness. I want to do good, of all. Looking at Haribhai, Bapasri said you are an old devotee and showed his pleasure in saying so. Then quoted a line from devotional song by saints, ‘Aj mae orade re avya avinasi albel’ (today immortal God has come to my place). On the way to the temple, devotees requested Bapasri to visit their houses so Bapasri went there, saints went to the temple and Bapasri after giving darsan to devotee came to the temple. There two Kanabis from their work place of quarry came for darsan. Bapasri inquired of their well-being. Then Bapasri showing his pleasure, said, “All worship God in satsang. Among them Kanabi is satsangi and he has only that tendency and trustworthy. Businessman and others whose mental state is disturbed but it is O.K. Brahmanas also worship but they have some pride- thus feel.

Prabhasankarbhai, the teacher, asked Bapasri, “What is the causal body?” Bapasri said, “Passion for mayik objects is the causal body. It is informidable. It is avoided by meditating on Sriji Maharaj. Various kinds of attachments for luxury are called mahakarana. It is automatically avoided when there is proper knowledge of the form of Sriji Maharaj and oneness with His Murti. In satsang, there are great muktas. Some of them are such that they give happiness by constantly doing katha-varta and some are such that they give happiness by darsan only. Know that they do it to please Sriji Maharaj.

Sivjibhai said to Bapasri, “You mainly describe Maharaj in your talks. In talks you use the word Sriji Maharaj instead of using other names Maharaj, what is the reason?” Bapasri said, “This name is very pleasant so it is used more. The one who has inner sight will immediately join Murti with divine feeling. He is called niskam (desireless). He does not want anything excepting Murti. The one looking outwardly is called sakam (having desire). Whether Maharaj will come to fetch him, will bring chariot or aeroplane –thus he has to wait.” || 81 ||