In the morning of Karak Vad 4th , Purani Kesavpriyadasji was talking about the greatness of saints in the assembly. Then Bapasri said, “Formerly, demonic jiva used to harass saints very much, wherever they went, some would beat them, some would drive them out, some would insult them. There were no temples in the villages so they would stay anywhere. During that period they were commanded to take cooked food as alms from three castes (Brahmana, Khshariya, Vaishya) so from wherever they got they would eat remembering Maharaj. But it was not such comfortable (it means present facility was not available at that time). Once a devotee got millet rab prepared for feeding saints. When the saints sat to dine, opponents of Sriji Maharaj came to know about it so they came there and started throwing stones at them. So saints got up and ran away- such type of harassment was there. Nobody even listened at the Government level. Today there are big temples for staying, bathing, and good arrangement for meals, devotees are also very strong and the state is such that nobody can dare to harass. Presently if you go to Chhapaiya alone nobody would question on the way. Formerly one had to think twice before going from one village to another village. When group of saints returned from their journey they would narrate the harassment by ignorant jivas and on hearing this tears trickled down Maharaj’s cheeks. Nowadays, if any one sees Swaminarayana’s saints, he would feel that as if he had darsan of God- such is the effect of great saints preaching. But now again some differ from words of Maharaj so they expose one another and quarrel. The path itself is such. Whosoever wants to please only Maharaj, should give up his resolution and become calm and straight forward- then only happiness of Murti will come. Maharaj is all in all, Supremebeing, so whatever He does, He will do it properly. Therefore, keep servant feeling and humbleness in satsang and tendency should also be such-there is much happiness in it. In such tendency Maharaj is pleased soon – without it there is pride of authority, pride of mahant position, pride of kothari status, and there will be grouping and in grouping there will be problem of winning and loosing. But it is not real defeat or victory. One, who tries to please Maharaj and muktas remaining under their shelter, is his victory and he who displeases Maharaj and muktas by forgetting those divine Murti is his defeat. One who wants to take happiness of Murti should give up everything and meditate on Maharaj. Concentrate (Bring the seed of Murti) on Murti in all talks. We sow seed before in our farm because it is considered to be cause of field. Similarly, Sriji Maharaj should be considered as the cause of infinite cosmoses, infinite incarnations and infinite muktas and in everything that Murti should be kept chiefly-without it nobody can give ultimate liberation. The greatness of all is because of that Murti. Sriji Maharaj has held our hand and will not leave it, but we should give up self ego and never be separate from Murti. Otherwise maya has become angry and it will expose us.” || 120 ||