On the day of Vaishakh Vad 5th ,the 14th Vachanamrut of Sarangpur was being red in the assembly. In it, it is said that the devotee said that God gives Bhagvatitanu (a kind of pious body). Swami Ishwarcharandasji asked, “How to understand the meaning of Bhagvatitanu (pious body)?” Bapashri said, “One Bhagvatitanu is of Akshadham (parbhav) and the other is of this world (avarbhav). There it is refer for Akshadham (heavenly abode). That devotee’s soul become Bhagvatitanu (murtiman/divine body) and Shriji Maharaj keep it in his Akshardham which is Murti. Therefore, Maharaj keeps Bhagvatitanu in His Murti, and that devotee becomes tranquil with achievement of all means and he will have no knowledge of his body or food. Then Murti is realized in his soul but who has done means with the help of his body and till he has knowledge of his body he is said to be of Bhagvatitanu of this world (avarbhav). After replying thus Bapashri said the opportunity is very good but Jiva has become blank. He is trying elsewhere even though it has got Master like Swaminarayan. Then who is going to be his Master? Shriji Maharaj will not be his Master. His Master will be god of death (Yamaraja). When such God has met, where to go violating His command. Command is the boundary. By violating it one becomes miserable. Just see! How this satsang expands! There are some sinners in it. They spoil the reputation of satsang by violating its commands. By obeying commands there is happiness for renouncer and householder. The body is going to fall definitely. Therefore we should always keep eye on death. This assembly will come to fetch you but Jiva wanders here and there because of ignorance so it becomes unhappy. Benefit and achievment is much but we do not know how to enjoy it. Swaminarayan will make us same as we know Him. How great are Maharaj and His Muktas! Whereas Jiva is insignificant, Jiva is attached to insignificant things though it has met such Muktas. A son of Patel thrust his leg in ‘had’ (state custody with Lock) after six months thought. Then the king took five to ten thousand rupees from his father. Similarly the path of devotion is like thrusting leg in ‘had.’ Therefore building temples and administrating the affairs of the temple, it is better to keep Maharaj together and if one does not keep it is like leg falling in ‘had’ and binding one’s self. Therefore renunciation, devotion should not be done forgetting Shriji Maharaj. All activities should be done keeping Maharaj together. If Maharaj is with us he will help us as he helped Jivram, Vyapakanand Swami and Akhandanand Swami. Just as the woman does not look attractive without husband. Similarly kataha, varta, rosary, mental worship, etc does not look good without Shriji Maharaj and it will not give happiness. In conversation seed in the form of Shriji Maharaj’s Murti be kept. We are doing different activities in satsang. If Shriji Maharaj is kept with us in these activities, there will be happiness. Today Anadi Muktas are talking about the greatness of Shriji Maharaj. If one goes deep, he will be happy. Those who ignore this association will get nothing. Where can you get this assembly? Even then Jiva does not have love for this assembly and looking elsewhere. Livelihood is given by Swaminarayan. But he runs after disciples, books, moreover some do not recognise this assembly and criticize saint, devotee, etc but they do not know that this assembly will do their good. He does not think of himself and criticize other. He finds faults in this assembly and then lives alone. How can he get good vitue? Therefore commands and worship should be made firm and this Murti and saint should be understood as divine. Then Shriji Maharaj will liberate in this birth. We properly know that this is neem tree. Similarly if the determination for Shriji Maharaj becomes firm, he will be fulfilled, even though there may be any shortcoming. All either big or small should be understood as divine then happiness will come. Then Bapashri asked to read further.

Swami Vrundavandasji said that your talks seems better than reading katha. Bapashri said, “This talks and katha are the same. One should keep such determination of Mahaprabhuji. So that in disease, in misery, love for physician or medicine is not developed excepting in Maharaj. This Murti and this saint will take care of all disease and make you happy and if you are engrossed in God’s Murti you will not feel the pain of disease or fever. This world, objects, body, all are perishable but Jiva is longing for all these things. It cannot do without them. He may be having so much riches that it will be enough for five generation but would not worship God and would stick to worldly affairs. If there is no determination (firmness) for Shriji Maharaj and if he has done means for achievement, they will become divine and they will be of Shriji Maharaj, Whereas he will be left here in this world. When he becomes firm and goes to Maharaj, he will get fruits of means. If he betrays any Mukta he will be perished and means will go to Maharaj and one will not be liberated. Therefore one should not betray worshipper of Shriji Maharaj and observer of Five morales (panch vartman) and also should not betray his devotee. Means get burnt up by betraying such person. This is the normal affair of satsang. And if satsangis do not give money for the work of God in the Government department thinking that money will go in the treasury, it is a great mistake. Therefore while giving donation no doubt should be kept. Because legal course is necessary if someone misappropriates God’s money. Shriji Maharaj is very much pleased for such action. Then Bapashri said to Swami Vrundavandasji, “I had gone to Bhuj before you came. There I had fever. Then I remembered this assembly and wished that it would have been better if my assembly had come and soon you came. Such is mercy of Maharaj. This assembly is very rare. Even if we sit in this assembly for day and night nothing will be achieved if there is no understanding of greatness. In our community if someone elses millet has been eaten, he will ask for repentance, but Mehta and goldsmiths do not ask for repentance even though their income may be from unfair means. He who does not steal sits in front of all in Akshardham and he who steal, will have no place anywhere. Son of Lallubhai of Karachi killed someone while driving his car. He was to be punished but Lallubhai got him released spending much money. Great persons are such merciful but Jiva lacks sense of gratitude. Then Bapashri said, “God is remembered more in trouble. Giver of happiness is God and saints but no other gods can give happiness or unhappiness. Once locusts attack the standing crop then old lady prayed to Shivji and begged that her field may be saved from the attack but the crop was not saved so she hit the linga of Shiva and broke it and said that you did not save my crop inspite of my continuous worship. Such type of Jivas is there. Secondly we should not be victims of enemies like passion, etc and should not surrender to these enemies and we should not feel sorry if one criticize them. If this Jiva gets down from blind horse in the form of passion means avoid passion and gets joy from Shriji Maharaj, he will become happy. If there is some shortcoming in the understanding of greatness he will not have faith in Shriji Maharaj therefore at first he should have matured determination, then the faith will increase, thereafter he will get love oriented devotion and will get ultimate liberation. The householder has determination for money so he will go away from home leaving behind his wife and children and earns by going away five to ten thousand miles (gao) . 7Similarly one having matured determination, he will sacrifice his life for God and saints. Then Bapashri said that renouncer is inauspicious. He should not be auspicious in worldly affairs like householder means he should not take part in worldly affairs and if he does not follow morales (vartman), he should be boycotted and he should not be allowed to do service of Thakorji and the Muktas and if one keeps company of such person he will become corrupt like him. One should firm in self- devotion but should not keep ego and do service. If there is ego, service cannot be done. || 203 ||