Bapasri, showing his favour said, “A wasp collects honey from cactus, mango tree and even from useless things. Thus, it collects but it gets sweet juice. Similarly, we should take virtues from all. We should have the target for Murti and great Anadi. Here there are muktas from Golok, Aksar and from the earth. Therefore, one should have last resolution to go with Anadi. The one who has oneness with Maharaj will have place where there is Maharaj and Anadi muktas- he is free from the cycle of birth and death. Somebody asked Anadi Mukta Gopalanand Swami where he was. He said that he was in the service of Maharaj- it is like this. If one does not behave with muktas frankly, the inner enemy will attack. Without the pleasure of muktas, there cannot be fame by the authority given by the state. The fame of those like Dada Khachar and Parvatbhai who stayed with Maharaj became immortal. One should become such pure and worthy and should avoid one’s own faults. He who frankly and with piteous voice prays great muktas will be free from all faults. Therefore, faults should be driven out even with mockery in the assembly. If mockery is done in presence of many, his faults will not come again. If one knows his own mistakes and faults, it is a big thing. This is all the glory of Lord Swaminarayana. If one confesses his mistake, he will be worthy to be prostrated. It is said that the lost one has come back home. Therefore, try to please Maharaj and great muktas. Great Anadis are revered even by incarnations, etc. All these saints are form of Sriji Maharaj. They dwell in Murti or stay in front of Him but it should not be believed that they are separate. How can one having bodily sense believe this? ‘Ae to dehdarshi dekhe pota jeva sansari’ ‘sauna sanmukh shamliyo’ (one having bodily feeling thinks everyone as householder- God is in front of all). The one whose tendency is in Murti will have immense love. The organs of anadi mukta are as many as God has- the same divine shape, divine form, divine Murti. Luminescent Murti flashes and all muktas dwell in it. You can get happiness of Maharaj from wherever you want. They enjoy various kinds of happiness in every pore. It cannot be known from scriptures or someone’s talks. It will be known when one reaches in its happiness. There are many kinds of happiness in Murti. Muktas and Maharaj are in front of one another. Great Anadi remain engrossed in every pore. It is all the greatness of Sriji Maharaj. Narnarayana, Radha-Krsna are all sankalpas of Maharaj and the meditation is done on the original Murti only, which is Harikrsna Maharaj. Therefore, while having darsan of all forms should be done by meditation on Murti. Perception should be of Sriji Maharaj in all. Maharaj has brought here the whole divine world of happiness. As and when jiva becomes worthy this divine talk is understood and becomes happy.

Then Bapasri said, one should talk up to the level in which he has achieved his state, achievement of bliss of Murti, and knowledge of anadi mukta so that others can gain but without achieving the state other jivas will gain nothing. The achievement of muktas should be understood thus. Some may talk about his own state and he himself will not understand and speak before others inconsistently so there will be no gain. Therefore, before talking to others we should know our own state. Aksardham is very very far- this is for seekers. The two words viz. here and there are the words of this world. There means divine feeling and here means perception of this world. Here and there are for extroverts. In Aksardham, all muktas appear along with all in front of Maharaj. Anadi muktas remain gleefully in Murti becoming engrossed in it. Maharaj appears to all everywhere with tender smile and speaking softly, all muktas enjoy bliss of Murti.” Then Bapasri went for bath and asked Purani Dharmakisordasji to talk.|| 6o ||