On the day of Vaishakh Vad 8th Bapashri showing his favour, talked. He said, “Once a guru told his disciple that when he would leave this world, drums will be sounded. The guru left this world but drum were not sounded. His disciples asked Shriji Maharaj why drums were not sounded when their guru left this world, even though he had told them so. Shriji Maharaj told that their guru had twenty four pairs of footprints (charanarvind). He asked them to bring one pair which was at the bottam. Saints brought it. Shriji Maharaj shook it and a red-hot worm fell from it and died after a while. Then drums sounded. Be careful so that it does not happen like this to you. Do not have attachment even for the piece of paper. Be tranquil like Gordhanbhai remaing in sushupti (state of deep sleep) one should remain in sushupti.But should not be greedy for the post of Mahanat, storekeeper (kothari) or for the post of the head of the village. At the time of taking dinner taste of sour, sweet, saltless or salty should be ignored. Unless you do this you will not be tranquil and cannot avoid disease/passion. Therefore one who wants happiness of Mahaprbhuji should avoid passion for taste, honour, fame, etc. Then there will be tranquility (upsham) in Murti. Swami Aksharjivandasji of Muli avoided all passion so he forgot that he was in body and he went in sushupti (upsham-trance state) and takes bliss of Murti. The householder should think that he did not get the chance to serve a saint and also did not think of immoral deeds and vices (fault) which he did during his life time and now the time for leaving the world is near. We should attach to a saint whole heartedly and even if insulted by him, we should take his virtues as Ranchhodlalbhai of Siddhapur did. Ayodhayaprasadji Maharaj insulted Ranchhodlalbhai. Then he said, “You are Mukta of Shriji Maharaj and your darshan is rare even for Ishwars, Brahm, Akshar-you are such great, therefore I am very lucky that you insulted me,” when such type of humbleness and service for saints is there, salvation is within reach. He is liberated during his life span. Then Bapashri asked to begin katha.

Thereafter the 23rd Vachanamrut of the last chapter being read. There was a reference about the system of mental worship during all three season in it. Bapashri said, “Parvatbhai used to perform mental worship while tilling the land. Once, while doing pooja bowl (vessel of tiffin) fell but he did not know it because he was so much engrossed in pooja-such type of pooja is worth doing but should not do it hurriedly. Pooja should be such that when someone draws out attention forcibly from the form of Shriji Maharaj, we come out. While doing mental worship if someone wants to know from us where the basket of kapchi is, we should not pay attention and show it with sign language. During mental worship or pooja nothing should be remembered excepting Murti. For achieving such a state we should give up our ego before Muktas and be humble. ‘Maan muki mahant ne malie, jem vale tem valie‘-contact mahant giving up ego and do as he wishes. Then Bapashri said just as the cuckoo sings in Vaishakh-Jeth and bapaiya (kind of bird) sings in the month of Ashaddh. Similarily such opportunity we have got now, since Samvat 1837. Such Maharaj and such Muktas are nowhere excepting here only. Therefore, we should have intoxication for it and should not believed to be unfulfilled. If he has not understood such greatness, he has no determination. Just as we make a heap of diamonds, jewels and rupees before a child but it will remain hungry and cry because it does not know that the value is there in money.When he knows value of money he goes overseas for earning money for his children. Similarily even if Shriji Maharaj is sitting near us, His greatness is not understood and His happiness is not enjoyed, when he has no determination. If there is determination, every thing will become false up to Akshar. Above Akshar there is Akshardham and in it Murti of Lord Purushottam and His Anadi Muktas dwell. Their assembly is sitting here. Therefore we should not desire to go to Akshardham because you are already there.Mumna athe Dwarka i.e. Mumna believed this place as Dwarka by mistake and joined with us and he said to be converted in another religion. This means if he is not Mukta, we should not associate with him taking him as Mukta. The matter of determination is complex but saying so I fear lest someone leave our sect. Great saints do not become unsteady in their determination even if Brahma tries to makes them unsteady- such is their faith. We should recognize Maharaj and Muktas. If the passion is avoided from the fulfilment of wordly objects (siddhis) i.e. objects of delicious food, the body will be forgotten (means he will rise above pain and joy of phisical body) . Then no abode or covering will be an obstacle. Muktanand Swami said to Maharaj, “Oh Maharaj! I am suffering from T.B. cure me from it. If you cure me from it, I will work to propagate your worship by telling people about your greatness and will get absolute victory (bringing all in our sect). Maharaj cured him and asked him to sit in a chair and talk. Then Muktanand Swami set on a chair and started talking. When he was talking saint started getting up. Some of them went to washed their tumbda (kind of pot), some of them started searching for books and some of them began to study. Muktanand Swami, said “Oh Maharaj! Nobody listens to my talk and all got up.” Maharaj said, “They all have come from Akshardham, they are not such that they may listen to to your talk.” Then Muktanand Swami said, “Only I became sakam (desring fruit for action).” Therefore, do not become sakam. || 206 ||