In Samvat year 1955 in the month of Ashadh, Bapasri along with Khimjibhai of Dahinsara, etc. were going to Uperdal to give darsan to Ramjibhai who was severely ill but on the way sea became stormy. All began to shiver and were afraid because they feared that the ship might sink and they would die. Bapasri consoled and then said, “Do not worry. If the ship sinks, you would not be left unfulfilled- will directly put you in the happiness of Maharaj.” Bapasri held the edge of the ship and said to the sea, can it be a storm at this time?” soon the wind stopped and the sea became steady. Then all sitting in the ship, sailors became pleased and prayingly said to Bapasri that they all were saved by him otherwise nobody was going to be saved today. Then Bapasri came to Uperdal. Ramjibhai requested Bapasri to stay for three months and give darsan. Bapasri told that he would let him go in three days and he would go. Then many saints and devotees came for Bapasri’s darsan but arrangement for lodging, provision, vessels, etc. could not be done, so Ramjibhai let him go. Bapasri started from there and came to Amdavad via Bhayla, Dholaka, Bhat, Jetalpur and from Jetalpur came to Amdavad and then came to Chhapayia. || 10 ||