On the day of Vaishakh Sud 4th, Bapasri said in the assembly, at the Vrspur temple, “When Sadguru Nirgundasji Swami got the inn built at Bhuj, he also got the foundation stone laid in the king’s property and said that this property will come to us. Then, as Swamisri had said, the king donated that property- such was his vachansiddhi (whatever he said would come true). Because of him that mansion was built. At that time great saint Swami Aksarjivandasji knew the power of Swami Nirgundasji. Today greatness is known when someone tells about that otherwise there is no knowledge about it.”

Then Bapasri said, “I used to send meals secretly for about four months to Purani Sri Krsnadasji. During the day time, he would hide himself in the thicket and at night he would sleep in a small temple near chhatri. Such adversities have been faced by him to become saint. One should have such renunciation. Before renunciation his father Premji used to say if I find Bhimji, I would beat him but he was never allowed to be found. He was sent to Sadguru Nirgundasji Swami by writing a letter along with a Brahmana who had came from Zalawad and eighty cories (currency coin of Kutch) were given for expenses. Thereafter that Brahmana handed over the letter to Swami at Rampura near Vadhwan. After reading the letter Swamisri became pleased with him and gave education after making him saint and he became Purani. Twelve years had passed since then when Premji told me that he would give me a prize if I showed him his Bhimji. I told him that I did not want his prize but I would show him. Then I wrote a letter to Swamisri telling him to come to Kutch with Sri Krsnadasji. On reading my letter Swami came to Bhuj along with his group. I took Premji with me to Bhuj and showed him Sri Krsnadasji. Looking at him he said he is not the same, he is very fat whereas my Bhimji was thin. Then I showed him a sign round his neck where tumor was operated. Then he agreed and said now I was right. At that time I told him, give dhoti to him. He said first he would beat him much. But I had arranged the presence of Nayab Divan Madhavlalbhai of Thasara along with his sepoys in the assembly. He threatened him and told him if he beat him he would be handcuffed, so he got afraid and gave him dhoti. This Purani and Yogeshwardasji were sent to Swamisri, so Krishnacharandasji of Bhuj asked why I send saints of this place to Swami of Amdavad. I told him that when the assembly hall was got guilt by Swami, he had asked for two saints, from you. Then you said take two saints from among these saints. Swami said that he did not want them but he wanted to make new saints and educate them so I had sent them. Then he said nothing. And the other Govindpriyadasji was also from here. When this saint was in Bhuj temple for becoming saint his father came and forcibly took him away from the temple and was made to hang up side down on the saddle of the camel. He was brought to Meghpur and was taken to members of Panchayat. They tied him and got a man to beat him severely. Then Sriji Maharaj sent a message through a bad person saying that since they were doing such injustice and did not fear from anyone but, all of them would go to prison, so think twice. Hearing this, they stopped beating him and released him. Thus Sriji Maharaj protected him. He had puja which was daily taken back by Shamji Bhakta, the father-in-law of Kanjibhai, after he had darsan. Once Murtis were taken out of the poojabox and was told him to keep that puja. Shamji Bhakta kept puja and Govinprasadji went away. On the nextday when the poojabox was opened, Murtis were not found. Seeing the empty box, he said this is the bundle of wooden sticks; God has gone away. Then his father said if he found him he would be tied and hung in the well or would break his legs so he could not go anywhere, such was harassment. I would also hide him and used to give him ghasio-sukhdi to eat-thus he was made saint- such were the works I was doing. Then Bapasri said since you are mine be such benevolent.”

In the evening assembly 56th Vachanamrt of Gadhada First Chapter was being read. Bapasri said, “If one understands the greatness of Happiness of Murti and its enjoyer, happiness will go on coming even though thousands of years may pass, one does not feel saturated from it. One may feel saturated by eating sweet dishes but there is no saturation in the bliss of Murti. One will enjoy that bliss in the heart so there will be always joy. If one has sincere divine feeling for Murti, he should know that it is bliss.” || 143 ||