In Samvat 1982, in the month of Aso, Bapasri adopted illness with a view to giving darsan to infinite people in Vrspur. On receiving a letter about this illness, Swami Vrndavandasji, Swami Ghansyamjivandasji, Swami Isvarcharanadasji, etc. of Amdavad; and Purani Dharmakisordasji, Swami Svetvaikunthdasji, Swami Devjivandasji, etc. many saints of Muli; and Seth Baldevbhai, Dr. Manilalbhai, Dr. Nagardasbhai and Kesavlalbhai who was a teacher, Asabhai, Sankarbhai, Balubhai, Jethabhai, Becharbhai etc. of Amdavad; and devotees of Zalawad, Patdi, Surat, Karachi and from other various places went to Vrnpur for darsan of Bapasri. After having Bapasri’s darsan, they all stayed back there for Bapasri’s service. Purani Kesavpriyadasji, Srirangdasji and Motibhai were already there in Bapasri’s service. At that time Bapasri got the pandal erected in the square where katha-varta was being held. When Swami Vrndavandasji and Swami Isvarcharanadasji etc. saints and devotees came, Bapasri was seriously ill. So they became sad. Bapasri gave them courage and told, “I would let the illness go away soon. Do not worry for me.” Saying so Bapasri showed some recovery from illness.

On the day of Aso Vad 4th Swami Isvarcharanadasji requested Bapasri to show his mercy by driving away his illness. Then Bapasri said with compassion, “My illness was meant for giving darsan to all. As I invited illness, all of you rushed here soon, just as rivers rush to the sea. I accepted this illness as an excuse so that now nobody would doubt the reason of your coming here often. All the saints of Bhuj had come and those who could not come may be feeling that they could not go. Knowing thus, all came for darsan and at last that fellow (Sankarbhai) also came. Thus, this illness is meant to give darsan to all who have affection for me and inclination similar to mine.”

On the next morning, in the temple of Vrnpur, Bapasri showing favour began his speech, “In all the three states we should hold on to Murti constantly and should not yield to the taste sensation of the toungue because such yield is a sin which can be the cause of further births.” Then Swami Isvarcharanadasji prayed, “Bapa! Please draw all of us in Murti.” Then Bapasri agreed, “What have I come on this earth for? I have come for that very purpose, but jiva does not know me and Maharaj, so it emphasises on spiritual efforts. What is the use of it, if jiva does not recognise us? If it recognises, everything is possible. Sankarbhai, father of Becharbhai, did not recognise me so when Becharbhai used to come here he used to scold him; and now as he has recognised me he himself comes here.” Then Sankarbhai said, “Bapa! When the steamer started swaying, I was much afraid lest it should get drowned. As soon as that sankalpa occurred, you appeared in the steamer with a stick in your hand, the waist tied with a cloth, a turban on your head and angadi on your body. You said to me, ‘O old man! Do not be afraid; I will not let the steamer sink. I am with you.’ Saying so you disappeared and I became fearless. You gave such darsan in the steamer and here you are sleeping like this.” Then Bapasri held Sa?karbhai’s hand and said, “This illness is only for show. Conversely, I have come to cure the illness of infinite jivas.” Sankarbhai said, “Bapa! You have held my hand and now do not leave it.” Bapasri said, “O.K. Old man; I will not leave.” Bapasri embraced Isvarcharanadasji while being in the bed and said, “You have taken my care, much care.” Saying so, he expressed much love. Then Bapasri said, “See that everything is completed during my present birth- try to understand the knowledge of Maharaj’s form during my present birth.” Swami said, “It can only be completed when all come in Murti.” Bapasri said, “Yes! When all come in Murti, I can be free. I have come to draw all in Murti, even then if some one is left out because of his laziness, what can be done about them! There are very few who know that though I roam about in hills and in thorns I have come to make jiva happy. Nothing in this world is of any use and we shall have to leave this body any moment. Even if Swaminarayana Himself comes to fetch but if one has no trust, what is to be done of him? Even great anadi mukta like Gopalanand Swami was not trusted during his time, but now they feel sorry and remember him. Sadguru Brahmanand Swami, Nityanand Swami, etc. were beloved of Maharaj and they got the devotees attached to Murti. My work is also to get devotees attached to Murti- there is no other work. But is it known so? For the last three months I have been ill, the body has become weak even then I am needed. Everybody insists to visit his village. Even though there is such illness, I wander from place to place for the welfare of jivas. Devotees! Therefore try to understand. I have never tasted sweet or fatty items, sugar, jaggery, etc. I am full of joy and full of happiness.” Bapasri further said, “The one who does not have faith in Murti in all three states is in great loss and it is also a big mistake. || 1 ||