On the morning of Chaitra Sud 6th, Bapashri showing his favour, talked. He said, “Unless one has got oneself absorbed in Murti, he develops love elsewhere and unwanted thought also arise in him. Therefore one should be cautious because without Maharaj if there will be unwanted thought, he will have to take another birth. The passion will not allow him to meditate on Murti so if he insists on meditating by becoming the form of Purushottam, the passion will be hampered. When Murti appears in the soul, the passion will burn up from the root.”

Swami Ishwarcharandasji said, “Are you going to keep unfulfilled though we have met such a great Mukta like you?” Bapashri replied, “Those who continue sincerely will be fulfilled and those who sit idle will definitely remain unfulfilled. Therefore do it whatever is to be done but Jiva does not like to meditate. There was Bhoja Bhakta here. Since he came in contact with satsang, he would not even drink water on the day of ekadashi. His wife was a great sinner but he was not affected by her company. He used to see Murti constantly. He was told that he was videhi Mukta (not having sense of body). Then he said, “Poor videhi may be wandering some where and I am dwelling in Maharaj’s Murti.” Today there are many Muktas in satsang, in renunciation, and in householder the greatness of such saints cannot be gauged with mind or speech. Today we have met the giver of real thing. We should become His customer and in all the three states one should keep constant memory of Murti.

Then again Swami asked, “Memory can be kept in awakened (jagrut) state, but how can it be kept in dream (swapna) state, and sub conscience (shushupti) state?” Bapashri replied, “If one keeps eagerness for Murti and if that eagerness goes into Jiva, Murti will not be forgotten in all the three states stated above. Then Bapashri said, “I get tired by constantly giving discourses to Jiva and when I stop talking, someone asks how should it be done so that all defects are avoided? How to get the bliss of Murti? But these talks meant only for avoiding defects and for getting bliss of Murti. He himself does not want to take any trouble and wants to become happy by avoiding defect- such is the nature of Jiva. If there is insistence for meditation, Murti can be had but come out from meditation.”

Master Keshavlal said, “If Murti is seen in meditation one will not come out of it.” Then Bapashri said, “If one meditates by giving up love for worldly affairs, happiness will come and will not come out from meditation. Therefore one should ignore illusive objects and happiness and siddhis of Mul-Purush, Brahmkoti, Aksharkoti, etc. They should be considered as worthless and should get attached to His Murti by becoming the form of Shri Purushottam-then only one can be happy. Illusive happiness is like the packet of ashes. This has been believed as valuable and hence one puts efforts for its collection even by enduring much misery. Whereas if value of real happiness is believed, what cannot be done for it? If one seriously meditates, he will have Murti wherever his vruti (inclination of mind) goes. For those who have surrendered Shriji Maharaj, this talk is in the form of panacea of life but he who violates commands and ask for favour, is mad.”

Chhotabhai of Kanbha asked, “What is to be done for thoughts which are arising more?” Bapashri said, “If one purifies his diet which is polluted and frees himself from the bonds of bad company by taking the company of those who obey the commands of Maharaj and Muktas, his bad culture will be destroyed and will inherit good culture so illusive thoughts will not arise. Therefore region and time etc., which are good should always be chosen and livelihood of bodies should be done according to commands and leaving other resolution, one should do meditation and worship. Then Maharaj and Muktas will join with him to make him realize Murti, then only he is called saint. The one who keeps bad company and takes polluted food cannot be called saint, he is called to have dressed as renouncer. He is not helped by Maharaj and Muktas so he is defeated by illusion (maya). He has become saint for the purpose of salvation and even though dharma and rules are violated, he thinks that he is saint but does not know the path of saint. Saint should behave without pride like a child. || 139 ||