In the morning assembly, when katha came to end, Bapasri talked, “We get divine happiness from Murti. That happiness goes on coming in new form even after thousands of years. Maharaj and Anadi muktas are united with each other. We get darsan of infinite muktas from Murti. This indicates the immense magnitude of Murti. Here infinite means the fish goes on swimming in the sea but cannot reach the end of it, clouds seem to have touched the earth but it has no end, similarly, Murti appears small but it is infinite. As the movement of clouds in the sky are unpredictable, similarly the movement of muktas dwelling in Murti are also unpredictable. The muktas are divine and the form of Purusottam. ‘Chaitanya rup chhe bhumi re, Muktavrnda tema rahya’ (the soul is the form of Murti and group of muktas dwell in it). Thus the place is also chaitanya and this assembly is also like that of Aksardham because great Anadi muktas are sitting in this assembly. If such great Anadis are not there, it cannot be considered to be this assembly. Innumerable devotees became happy by getting attached to such great muktas. There are millions of people in this satsang. They are there because of Sriji Maharaj and great Anadis.”

If the preaching of such great Anadis goes deep in heart, he will get divine body and so everything will appear divine to him, but this sort of constant memory does not remain. The one whose mental state is like a thread attached with spinning instrument which breaks and again joins is not called a thin current of falling oil and more over so much divine feeling is also not there. It is considered to be secret atheism. If one is wary, great muktas will keep him in front of Maharaj by their mercy so he will be fulfilled. The one who prays with folded hands by becoming humble will get Maharaj’s pleasure. Just as little children pray with folded hands and we are pleased. Unless satsang is understood, crooked nature is not avoided. To elaborate this point, example of Laksmibai was given. Putlibai the stepmother of Laksmibai would kick Murti and say see how your Ṭhakorji runs. Seeing this Laksmibai would cry much. When Putlibai left her body, she was dipping in reservoir of hell in yampuri because of her sin. Then Maharaj told Laksmibai would you like to see your mother who is in hell? Then she said yes. So she was shown. Then Laksmibai prayed to Maharaj and got her mother liberated. Thus, great muktas liberate jiva. They do not take into account their guilt. This satsang is like kalpataru. Unless it is understood like this and we think satsangi or saint as disguised, we will not get any fruit. These all Murtis are of Brahma. This assembly is of Aksardham. Therefore, we should know that everything is divine without any controversy. Maharaj sworn that all are muktas, luminous and I see them as such. Someone may say that his village is beggar village then he should understand that his feeling is like that because there may be the most wealthy person of that town and rich people also- since feeling is that of a beggar, it seems to him like that. Maharaj is divine, satsangis are divine, and thus there is nothing which can be compared to satsang. Nobody will say that the prince of a king is not the king. Similarly, feeding saints, offering dhotis, pleasing satsangis, means the pleasure of Maharaj as its fruit. Just as if we put wood in fire it will become the form of fire. Similarly, if we have atmabuddhi (surrendering self) in Maharaj and great muktas, the goal will be achieved. We should see with eyes of divine feeling, all lila is supernatural. If one knows it like that he will be benefited much, otherwise he is at a loss. One should not see anyone’s physical nature otherwise, it will be harmful. In satsang, one should examine his own self. On some occasion, one has to be cautioned with harsh word but it should be said with divine feeling. So that the teller himself is happy and others are happy. While advising someone if one himself gets attributes of rajoguna, tamoguna, etc. he will spoil his own self. In case if one has to say something he must say remaining in pure sattvaguna. Pure sattvaguna is divine and polluted sattvaguna is mayik. If hood of a cobra is encompassed to a sandalwood tree, the poison in the hood will disappear. Similarly, by getting attached to Maharaj with divine feeling one will become divine. In whose kingdom are we? We are in the kingdom of Purusottam Narayana who is the head of Aksardham. If a vagharana (a lady from low community) sits in the palace of the king of Vadodara, how much intoxication she will have! Similarly, we have got master like Purusottam Narayana means immortal master. Knowing thus, we should feel that we are in the sea of joy. This time is very good. There is joy by darsan of this divine Murti, joy by touching, joy by its seva, joy by its pleasure, joy even if wind comes by touching Him to us, thus there is joy and joy (bliss) and only joy in all relationship of Maharaj.

Then Bapasri said that great muktas never live apart from Maharaj even for a moment. To elaborate the point Bapasri said, “Once saint and devotees were sitting by Muktanand Swami, at that time Swami was not talking because of his age he could not speak much. In the meanwhile Devanand Swami passed by him. He had a sankalpa that Swami is sleeping and he is not talking anything, even though why are the devotees sitting? While he was thinking such, he felt that on one side, there is an assembly of muktas of Aksardham and on one side, muktas dwelling in Bharatkhanda were holding an assembly. This he felt because of Maharaj’s wish. So, Devanand Swami was surprised oh! And realised that Maharaj and infinite muktas sit wherever such great Anadi sit. Such muktas never live apart even for a moment from God. Therefore, whether, muktas talk or not but to sit under their shelter there is limitless happiness. How this muktas are- they are great Anadi muktas. They make us drink the juice in the form of Maharaj’s greatness and make us firm regarding causal form and explain abundance of Murti’s happiness. While jiva goes on doing service-association, brings divine feeling for great Anadi, by and by he becomes worthy. Muktas are Lord Purusottam’s beloved ones.” Thus ending the talk Bapasri blessed all with keeping them in Murti. || 53 ||