Bapasri said, “To achieve Maharaj, the person who is all in all (sarvadesi) means great muktas are required. Maharaj says that when one becomes like God, then only God accepts his puja. But if one comes in contact with great Anadi muktas like Gopalanand Swami, Brahmanand Swami, etc. they will do all for him. The orders of a subordinate king and independent king are the same but effect of them is different according to the capacity. Similarly, if great muktas install God, one can see transcendent (vytirek) Murti itself by their blessing. To serve such great muktas we even do not spare an hour for it- it is not called the knowledge of greatness. We have got real thing and if we give it up, we will become loser. He may be good swimmer but he keeps rope in the sea. Similarly, the boarder in the form of upasana should be kept with us. If the belt-wearing employee gives up his belt, he will not be respected. Similarly, if jiva gives up aid of His Master how long he can carry on? The prince of a king having much luxury but he will not think about it because he knows everything belongs to his father. How can he show it to others? Similarly, honour given to us is of Maharaj. Therefore, we should be pleased but should never be proud because if we become proud we will be unhappy and should know that whatever honour we get is the honour given to Maharaj. When the administrator goes with the king, he is welcomed- this is all because of the king. Similarly, reputation of all in this satsang is because of Maharaj. Without it if any saint gives darsan in other form, we have to think twice before giving him even a small quantity of flour. Therefore, everything should be tested. They may be great Sadgurus but they should also know that puja is all performed for Maharaj. It is not their puja. We are only His instrument. Water can be drunk, if there is a pot. Similarly, all these saints are the form of a pot. If a pot of water is poured in the Sabarmati River, it will reach the sea and if the firewood is put in the fire it will become the form of fire and then it does the work of fire, it cannot do the work of fundamental vadvanal (fire taking place in sea). Maharaj says that determination of Purusottam is done through the medium of Purusottam only. So cause is only Maharaj.” || 64 ||