On the morning of Vaishakh Sud 15th, Bapashri showing his favour, talked. He said, “Just as there is an event of swati constellation in early autumn and it rains. The drops of rain are directly taken in the mouth by a shell. These drops become pearl valued in lacs of rupees, and if these drops are received in the mouth after falling in sea, they become worthless pearls. Similarly today we have met you and early autumn sat in, therefore receive our words directly and if our association does not take place even once in a year, it is just like famine. Just as if it does not rain in monsoon, crop will not grow and all will be unhappy. Similarly without association you cannot get knowledge and will be away from Murti. Therefore, take the chance of association. The happiness of that association comes to only a few not many. Those having the same taste will be a few and those having a different taste will be many. The early autumn has set in since 1837 when Maharaj and Muktas have incarnated. Just as there is not more favourable than its mother for a child, similarly those who want ultimate salvation, there is not more favourable than Muktas for them. If you miss this point, you will have to suffer. When Shriji Maharaj left for his heavenly abode, many devotees repented because they felt that they could not do service till he was here and did not know Him as He was. Similarly today we have incarnated and if you do not get attached to us knowing our greatness, you will have to repent a lot after this opportunity is lost and you will have to cry and if you get attached knowing our greatness, you will get much happiness and joy afterwards. Therefore, spare sometime and have the association. This association is having such power that it will save you from cycle of innumerable births. This association is rare therefore it should not be given up on account of hurdle. This hurdle is put by devil jiva and even by godly jiva. The devil jiva will not recognise great Param Ekantik and Anadi Muktas. Just as Gopalanand Swami and Gunatitanand Swami were called as having detailed knowledge. One who criticizes Muktas and restrains others from association is said to be bad company in satsang. Those who are associated with Muktas know such person as a wretched and think that they do not have any knowledge, so they do not care for his criticism and take the benefit of association with Muktas. The godly jiva puts hurdle thus- we must associate with Muktas but practically, because we are renunciates and if associate with householder, it is not proper in worldly affair therefore we should not go often, can go sometimes but should discriminate in association. Thus they put hurdles. Moreover some are godly jivas but they are bound in worldly affairs so they show the work to mumukshu by telling them that the work is being delayed therefore it has to be done and it is you who can do it, so do this work and when become free and then go for association. Thus they prevent them. Some are godly jivas but they are proud of their varnashram (caste) and say that what more gain you make from the association of house-holder by leaving renunciate like us. Therefore associate with us. Thus they put the hurdle therefore do not listen to any one and associate with Muktas.

Thereafter the talk was completed. At that time a saint came and requested Bapashri with folded hands to give him the vows of vartman and please see that there remains no shortcoming please shower mercy on me. Then Bapashri gave him vows of vartman. As soon as he meditated he saw his soul as luminescence and in it he saw luminous Murti of Maharaj and he remembered his previous birth so he became very happy. Then all saints asked, “Swami why do you look so happy?” Then he told the aforesaid incident. Swami Vrundavandasji told Bapashri, “He is very great. What was his short coming that he had to request you?” Bapashri replied, “Formerly he had threatened Shriji Maharaj’s parshad (attendant with a weapon)- this was his guilt and he had been freed from the guilt so he got the darshan of Maharaj. This saint associated much with Nirgundasji Swami and I was introduced to him.”

In the evening all saints and devotees went to Narayanpur and from there to Dahisara, Rampur villages etc. to Bhuj. On Ashad Sud 11th (Akadashi) Bapashri came to Bhuj on horse back. He stayed there for seven days and blessed much with katha-varta. Then Bapashri came to Vrushpur and saints and devotees went to Gujarat. || 65 ||