When Bapasri was talking, Dhanjibhai of Narayanapur got up from the seat in assembly and with his folded hands said that Bapasri and Saduguru Swami etc. came here on the day of fuldol so all the muktas of this place arranged samaiya of fuldol with much love. Prasadi colour of Sriji Maharaj was spread on Bapasri by devotees and Bapasri also spread colour on all devotees and devotional songs were sung. I came afterwards in another steamer so I did not have divine darsan. When will such opportunity come again! Therefore, I pray this assembly with folded hands to request Bapasri on my behalf and say that since today is pancham, two devotional songs of festival be sung and colour of prasadi be spread by Bapasri on all as it was done on the day of fuldol before Ṭhakorji and if garbi is sung, my sankalpa of that divine darsan is not left out and deprived me of that occasion. I heard the description of fuldol of this place. What a large number of devotees were there when Bapasri arrived! What a colourful dress of Ṭhakorji! What a joy of devotees in that festival! That occasion became very grand. Since I have heard this talk every now and then I feel that I missed the occasion. In our Kutch region, it is called Ranga Pancham, so all of you show mercy on me so that remembrance of Ranga Pancham can be done. If all of you are pleased, join in my prayer and let my desire be fulfilled.” At that time Lalubhai, Mahadevbhai, Haribhai, Mohanbhai, Hirabhai, Amichandbhai, Govindbhai, Somchandbhai, etc. devotees in the assembly prayed for Dhanjibhai’s wish. Then Bapasri said, “O.K. Perform samaiya, sing devotional songs and garbi.” On hearing such words devotees started enthusiastically performing celebration in front of Ṭhakorji. All in the assembly were very eager to have such divine darsan. In a short while colour was ready, it was offered to Ṭhakorji. Devotees came with love and got ready to sing garbi. Bapasri was escorted to a chair in the centre and he seated there. Devotees started devotional song, ‘Mare anandno din aj re, prabhu pragatya kalyane kaj re’, and ‘Pragat Hari mujne malya re lol kani kahyaman nave vat’ (I have a day for joy because God incarnated to give us liberation and incarnated Hari met us which is beyond our expression.) While they were singing and moving in circle Bapasri was throwing colour on devotees. Gulal was spread on all. At that time, Dhanjibhai threw colour with love on Bapasri. There after Lalubhai, Mahadevbhai, Hirabhai, Sanwaldasbhai, Sivjibhai, Amichandbhai, etc. including young and old devotees threw colour and gulal in small quantity on Bapasri and made Jay ghosh of Sahajanand Swami Maharaj. All embraced Bapasri with wet colour on their clothes. Bapasri used to say no and would say throw a little colour even then all devotees with much love threw small quantity of colour and enjoyed. At that time Bapasri showing his pleasure said, “This Ranga Pancham is of Dhanjibhai because of his insistence samaiya was again arranged. Then all were told to embrace Dhanjibhai. Saying so Bapasri changed his clothes after having bath and came to his seat on the upper storey of the temple. There all devotees came. Bapasri gave them prasadi of grapes and cashew, then on the insistence Sadgurus, etc. saints, Bapasri met all saints and showing his mercy he blessed that all may enjoy happiness thus in Murti. This time Maharaj and muktas are realised by their favour and one can get happiness as one wishes- the time is good, opportunity is good. Saying so Bapasri praised Dhanjibhai very much and said, “He is very brave. Just see! When devotional songs are sung his love overflows, his obedience of rules, determination and love for sect, all three are so firm that he can even sacrify his life. His father Jadavjibhai was great mukta. He gave glory to his father and the whole family is also like him. Young or old all behave according to commands. In Narayanapur, he has kept his love for satsang, which goes on increasing day by day.” Then Bapasri turned to Lalubhai and said, “See our Dhanjibhai!” After praising thus, Bapasri said, “All young and old devotees of this place are also very enthusiastic. They are always ready for katha-varta, kirtan and seva-bhakti and thereby they are trying to give push to the activity of satsang in such region. They knew how to please Maharaj. I am also very much pleased with their love. Maharaj and great muktas are to be pleased by satsang and they all know how to do it.” Saying so Bapasri blessed that all may remain in Murti. || 47 ||