In the morning assembly, Bapasri showing his favour talked. He said, “We should stick to causal Murti which is Lord Swaminarayana –one should listen to the talks of great muktas, ponder on it and daily learn it by heart by which there will be realisation. Then Bapasri talked about himself. He and Kunvarji Patel used to ponder on the talks of Sadguru Sri Nirgundasji Swami after listening to him. What to say about his way of presentation! No devotee or saint would get up from the assembly till his talks were going on. Sriji Maharaj had said to Gopalanand Swami that unless he spreads His Purusottam form, He would keep him in his body. His command was literally accepted by this Swami (Nirgundasji). He used to talk about Sriji Maharaj’s supremacy, to explain the difference between incarnation and the one who gives incarnation, the power of great powerful muktas, divine feeling, and about those devotees who got the relationship with supreme Murti and their luck, etc. The renunciation of Swami was second to none. It was so powerful that no saint staying with him could violate his wish. Moreover, to obey commands and making it obeyed was also very powerful and so no saint could violate commands. In the assembly those learned who had thorough knowledge of Vedas, Vedant, etc. came in the assembly would also become humble by listening to the talks delivered by Swami with proof– such was the power of his talks. In talking about the supremacy of Sriji Maharaj in satsang, he had to face many difficulties but he would not care for them and knew that they poor were speaking thus because they do not understand. Swami used to say when those who say anything and those who cause trouble would not do so when they understand the supremacy of Maharaj and then they would not feel harm for this talk. Once Maharaj’s attendant Parsad Bhaguji had said in the assembly that whenever he heard the talks of this Swami, he could see that Swamiji’s talks impressed the audience like powerful Mukta Sadguru Nityanand Swami. He had delivered many talks but nobody had written them at that time. Many talks about Maharaj’s lila-charitra and miracles had been written; but if the Swami’s talks had been written– to explain the supremacy of Maharaj, in satsang it would have been proved the best divine book. We have heard his talks. What to say about his way of presentation! Whenever Swami used to go round the villages, twenty to twenty five saints would always accompany him and the programme of katha-varta would always go on. In the morning, he would finish his daily routine viz. bathing, puja, etc. and then would have lunch only once- only this much activity would be seen except katha-varta. Then till twelve in the night, katha-varta would go on and mainly in this assembly Swami would often talk, and would make the Vachanamrt to be read. No saint or devotee would dare to talk any loose talk, such was his influence. He used to meet me with much love and I also knew about his greatness. Then Bapasri praised Swami Nirgundasji and said that Swami Isvarcharanadasji is carrying on his work- Bapasri said thus showing his pleasure.

Bapasri said, “One should know the greatness of Maharaj and His great muktas and one should be firm that since one has stuck great Anadis, they would make him perfect and will definitely pour Brahmras but will not forget.” Dhanjibhai of Narayanapur requested Bapasri to give him as much as he was worthy of it. Bapasri said, “Purusottam i.e. Lord Swaminarayana’s Anadi great muktas do not show spectacle. Those who take siddhi from muktas by insistence is like wearing ornament got by begging. When the owner of the ornament takes it away, the wearer will be disheartened. If he gives us when we need it, it is all right. God and God’s great muktas should be known as clairvoyant. If he knows Sriji Maharaj as clairvoyant and does not know great Anadis as clairvoyant, he is said to be half atheist, because Maharaj and great muktas are always together and are never separate– understand thus. When wrong thoughts or wicked thoughts arise they should be made false and if they are made false soon, how long they will remain! Just as when the enemy raised his head and if he is hammered immediately, how long he will remain alive- he will die. Similarly, such thoughts should be avoided.” || 71 ||