On the morning of Jeth Sud 15th, the 19th Vachanamrut of middle chapter was being read in the assembly. In it, it is said that brahmyagyni (having knowledge of Brahm) may worshipped other God.

Swami Purushottamdasji asked, “How can Brahmagyani worship other God because he does not believe in any God?” Bapashri said, “At first he may be worshipped and if he listen to dry Vadant scriptures, he will have equal feeling for all Gods and understands that all incarnations are one so whosoever worshipped, they are all one. With this understanding he may worship other God and may leave it. Saying so he said that this opportunity is ultimate and if we are alert and start for the goal, it will be fulfilled in this birth itself and can get the state of Anadi and nothing remains.

Then saint asked, “In this Vachnamrut Shriji Maharaj said he went to Golok-which is that Golok?” Then Bapashri said, “Akshardham in the form of luminescence of Shriji Maharaj is called Golok at this place. Saying so he said you are all incarnations but you have badhitanuvruti (your powers are hidden). So, you do not know yourself and your greatness. You are sitting in Akshardham but your super natural power has been hidden by Maharaj. You have the knowledge of all assembly, Murti and bliss of Murti and you come from there even then it has been detained, so that you can get our happiness here. Saying so he said it is said that in Golok that is in Akshardham they sing devotional song but it is not true, devotional song are not sung there. This has been said in order that Jiva may go on the path of worship and devotion. Shriji Maharaj is omnipresent. Therefore Golok means Akshardham and devotion songs are also sung here. Here and there is all one, not separate but this has been said so that seeker may develop love. But in Akshardham only happiness is taken. Then he said to give the boon so that whatever you write will be written properly and automatically. || 184 ||