On the day of Aso Vad 6th all saints and devotees were sitting near Bapasri in the temple of Vrnpur. At that time, Dr. Manilalbhai of Vadhwan had a sankalpa in his mind that if Bapasri held a question answer session, it would be good. In the evening of that day, the 11th Vachanamrt of Kariyani was being read in the assembly in the square under the pandal. In it, there is reference about the love of Gopis. Then Bapasri to make the sankalpa of Dr. Manilalbhai true, showing his favour said, “Saints! Who are Gopis? Where are Mathura and Gokul situated? Tell me.” Swami Vrndavandasji said, “Where there is Murti there is Aksardham and there are Gopis and Goku?.” Bapasri said, “Yes! Exactly it is like that. There are Gokul and Mathura where there is Murti. Sriji Maharaj himself is Sri Krsna but He is not that Sri Krishna who is manifested in Mathura.” Bapasri recited a couplet from Premanand Swami’s kirtan, ”Girdhar nay ane Gopio gay, joi Premanand vari jay. (God bathes, Gopis sing- seeing this Premana?d is pleased). Where did Premana?d Swami see Gopis? He has called these saints as Gopis. He was seeing them. Therefore, these saints are Gopis; and where there is Maharaj, there is Gokul and there is Mathura. To understand this philosophy is very difficult. If this difficulty is overcome, everything is understood. If this is not understood thus, one will have to wander.” Saying so Bapasri pointed his hand to Nagjibhai of Patdi and asked him if it was true or not. Nagjibhai agreed. In this way, Bapasri made Manilalbhai’s sankalpa true by his favour. || 2 ||