On the afternoon of Fagan Vad 14th, Bapashri, showing his favour, talked. He said, “There is happiness only in understanding greatness. Therefore we should understand the greatness of those who are observers of panch vartman (five morals) and of saint and devotees who are having proper faith and firmness in Shriji Maharaj. I am giving darshan by taking pity on Jiva and by the thought of Shriji Maharaj. If I do not say about the greatness, how Jiva can know it and how Jiva can get attached to God and Muktas. Therefore taking pity on jiva the talks about greatness are being done. I am not telling it to show my importance. I always enjoy bliss in Murti and in this bliss ages after ages pass away. It is not for publicity or for getting fame of this world. I have always the bliss of Murti but I am above body- this body appears by the wish of Shriji Maharaj and talking because of volition of Shriji, as I want to make you all as we are. Once the curtain of illusion (maya) is taken away, illusion will not be found even if it is searched. Moreover, Brahmkoti and Aksharkoti will also be merged in the rays of luminescence of Mahaprabhuji. There will remain only two things- Maharaj’s Murti and Muktas. Therefore, start meditating firmly. Just as farmer has to do labour for growing sugarcane, similarly if there is insistence for taking trouble in doing meditation, he will achieve invaluable object i.e. Maharaj’s Murti. But the nature of Jiva is playful like a child so forgetting Murti, his attention is diverted. Just as when the ceremony of first hair cutting of Maharaj was performed, Maharaj was forgotten at the time of feeding Brahmin. Similarly forgetting Maharaj’s Murti and remembering something else means missing the track. Even after knowing such, Maharaj and His Muktas and their greatness, Jiva runs after passion, anger, greed, honour, etc- diverting attention hither -thither. But it does not know there is unhappiness, flaw and mortality in it. It is very difficult to achieve such an Ekantik path. It can not be achieved so soon which you have got now. It is because of good deeds of previous birth so such an opportunity of Muktas could be had. So you have become grateful. Even though those who have not achieved this path and they are in satsang, are not happy. They believe that they are happy but there is no happiness at all. When they achieve salvation, they get this happiness. This peace is got by the talk of His- then it should be known that he has happiness of Maharaj in his heart. Just as wind becomes cool by rain water and it becomes hot on account of the summer. Similarly, the one in whose heart there is no Murti, his talk will be dry inspite of his infinite virtues like religion, knowledge, renunciation, etc. It can not make any one peaceful. Just as from mogra, jui (names of flowers) and musk, we get smell, similarly in the talk of the one with whom there is Maharaj we get peace happiness and joy and makes us blissful. || 80 ||