In Samvat year 1957, Sriji Maharaj gave darsan to Kashirambhai of Lunavada and told him that he will be fetched by Him on the fourth day from that day at quarter past eight in the night. He informed his elder brother Ranchhodlalbhai who was in Morbi as Judge by sending him a telegram and called him at Lunavada. He told him about what Sriji Maharaj had told him. Ranchhodlalbhai prayingly requested Bapasri not to be taken away Kashirambhai; so Bapasri requested Sriji Maharaj and Sriji Maharaj did not come. Kashirambhai prayed to Sriji Maharaj. Sriji Maharaj gave him darsan and told him that he had received an appeal from his elder brother in Aksardham so he could not take him because Ranchhodlalbhai is the staunch follower of Anadi Muktaraj Abjibhai and he obeyed Bapasri. Ranchhodlalbhai prayed to him (Bapasri) and in turn he prayed Him (Maharaj). So He could not take him away. If Ranchhodlalbhai gave permission, He could take him. Saying so, Sriji Maharaj disappeared. When it was morning, Kashirambhai was brushing his teeth, Ranchhodlalbhai told him that Maharaj did not take him so he would be well soon. Kashirambhai said to him that Maharaj had given him darsan at night and told him about your appeal but he did not want to live at all so if he permitted him willingly, Maharaj would take him. Thus he prayed much for two days so on the third day Ranchhodlalbhai gave him permission and Maharaj and Bapasri fetched him. || 16 ||