On the evening of Jeth Sud 7th, Bapashri along with saints and devotees went to Lakhaiwadi for bath. After bath, they set under a mango tree and perform mental worship.

Bapashri showing his favour, talked. He said, ‘aaj mare orde re aavya avinashi albel‘ (lord has come to my house) there are four stanzas of this devotional song. The last two stanzas contain ‘Maru dham chhe re Akshar amrut jenu nam‘ (my abode is Akshar named amrut). These two stanzas are spoken by Shriji Maharaj and the first two stanzas are spoken by Premanand Swami. Then the 24th Vachanamrut of first chapter was being read. In it, there is reference about ‘Pranav‘ and ‘Nad‘ (aum and sound coming from navel) Swami Aksharjivandas asked, “What is ‘Pranav‘ and ‘Nad?’ Bapashri said, “Just as the flame of fire is very big and it creates sound. Similarly, luminescence emits from Maharaj’s Murti and it creates sound, which is called Pranav and Nad. Then he talked about vachayarth (literal meaning) and laxyarth (perceptible) and told us to know them. Bapashri said, “When Patel was performing pooja, a person came to his house and inquire where he was. His daughter-in-law replied that patel had gone to dhedwade (colony of harijan). Then Patel said that he was performing pooja and why she had said so.” She asked if he was not thinking of buying leather. In this example, performing pooja is vachyarth (literal meaning) and to go to dhedwade is laxyarth (perceptible). By keeping constant memory of Shriji Maharaj’s Murti one can go from vachyarth to laxyarth and in all three states he gets attached to Murti like a thin current of falling oil- this laxyarth is called real one. One should have the knowledge laxyarth and vachyarth. By learning how to present katha (discourse), nothing can be gained. Then the Prasad was distributed, shaved, and bathed. Then while distributing Prasad of keri (mango) he said, ‘thodu jamyama ghanu saru re‘ (to eat a little is good). There after Bapashri, saints and devotees applied sandal wood paste to one another. Then Bapashree met all and came to the temple. Then one on the next day saints and devotees all went to Gujarat. ||237||