Bapasri, sitting on the upper storey of the temple said, “Just as Maharaj is divine luminous. Similarly, muktas are also divine luminous. Though they may appear like human being, they are divine– keep such understanding. Jiva wants to get much happiness but does not grasp muktas’ understanding. If it grasps understanding of muktas, it will get divine happiness. Just see! How much eagerness has jiva to become great in the world? At some places, it is the custom that when a businessman writes account book, he will ask someone to get sakarkolu from anywhere and eats. He believes that by eating sakarkolu he will become land owner. In becoming land owner there is much agony but there is no happiness in it. Even then, he wishes to be so– such is the nature of jiva. Jiva does not insist to realise supreme Sriji Maharaj wherein there is always unlimited happiness. Such is the ignorance of jiva. While Bapasri was talking thus, Laljibhai came and prostrated before him but Bapasri was looking towards the audience. So Vallabhdasbhai drew his attention and told him that Laljibhai was prostrating before him. Then Bapasri said, “He was prostrating before Maharaj so why should I think that he is prostrating before me? Let everything that happens be dedicated to Murti. If we keep Sriji Maharaj ahead of us and we remain behind him, we will be free from obstacle. If someone does puja or gives respect, this is all for Sriji Maharaj. We have no virtue at all. Thus, Maharaj should be kept ahead in everything. All activities like speaking, walking, drinking, eating, etc. should be done remembering Maharaj. Seeing should also be with the memory of Murti. Thus, all activities should be done keeping Murti together but do not do anything without Murti. If someone praises our virtue or believes everything as ours but never allow ourselves to be proud. If such alertness is kept constantly, feeling of servant of Maharaj becomes firm. We went for darsan of Maharaj and great muktas, after five days we returned home and if we feel that we stayed with Maharaj and muktas for so many days and came back home getting separated from them- that understanding is not good. Devotees should not have such understanding and should understand that Maharaj and muktas are always with us. They do not separate from us even for a moment. Knowing thus one should constantly remain attached to Maharaj and great muktas by keeping sight inwardly- what is that attachment? It is to remember them, to remain looking at them, ponder on their words etc.– that should be done. Unless the sight is not inward, there is no nearness, our faults are not found and greatness of God’s devotees is also not understood. By inward sight, everything is near. Therefore, inward sight is that of God’s devotee, outward sight is that of non-devotee, and sight of betrayal is that of demon. Therefore, always keep inward sight. The one, who has faith in Maharaj and great muktas, will be benefited in every way but nothing will be adverse for him. In happiness or agony, in loss or profit, in talk or in anyone’s saying or hearing- in all this it will be his favour. Therefore, he develops more and more faith in great muktas and Maharaj and more and more love is developed. Therefore, he sticks to Murti more and more. He, who has known Maharaj and great muktas as omniscient, will obey commands; he always fears them; so wrong thoughts will not arise and constantly he remembers that whatever he does is known by Maharaj and great muktas. Maharaj and great muktas are always with me and see everything so if I behave a little contrary to the commands, they will be very displeased with me and my efforts will be spoiled. If it remains thus, his fear will not allow any bad thought. What else will he do? Feeling of atheism will also be said to have been avoided then.” Then Bapasri advised, “To prove our superiority we should not spoil relationship with anyone and should not do anything which may create enmity. Be cordial with all, because discordiality puts obstacle in worshipping God. Therefore, never oppose anyone. Even if one’s pride is hurt or his talk is disregarded, he should not care for it because we satsangi have no use of it. Therefore tolerating someone’s insult, keep unity and remain humble with all. Constantly remember Maharaj and there is a difference in association also. Always associate with virtuous. Do not keep separation with great muktas. Some associate outwardly, come near, go, sit, hear talk, ask questions but inwardly he is different; it is also called association. On the other hand someone associates by mind, deeds, words, pure feelings, selflessly associates is also called association. Therefore, one who wants to please God and who wants to fulfil himself should associate frankly by mind, deed and words and remain as servant’s servant so that Sriji Maharaj and great muktas will be pleased. And, he who associates with muktas will get very much joy and bliss by the grace of muktas. So there is constant joy and constant happiness and constantly remains in Maharaj’s seva. Just as little child fears of something runs to his father’s feet and takes shelter there. Similarly if attribute of maya enters in to us, be alert and soon go in the shelter of great muktas, means just as children become free from fear under the shelter of parents. Similarly, we also become free from the fear of maya under the shelter of muktas. Not a single attribute of maya can sustain means it cannot give any agony.” ||95||