On the day of Vaishakh Vad 2nd Bapashri showing his favour, talked. He said, “The mind is such that it will go away somewhere leaving assembly.” In the meanwhile, Dhanjibhai came and requested Bapashri to come for dinner. Bapashri consented. Then Swami Ishwarcharandasji jokingly asked Bapashri if he would go alone to dine to Dhanjibhai’s house. Bapashri replied, “Is it possible that I alone take dinner, I dine with all.” Then he went for dinner and after dinner came back to the temple, katha of Vachanamrut was being read there.

Master Keshavlal of Vaddhwan said, “One may be talking about God and also violating commands. Will our intellect be, polluted by hearing his talk?” Bapashri said, “Obviously it would. The person of vachayarth (literal meaning) nature may talk loudly but his words are barren, and the person of lakshyarth (implied meaning-manifest) nature will talk dwelling in Maharaj’s Murti and will talk by concentrating on bright luminescence of Maharaj’s Murti and he will talk gently, his only goal is Maharaj. Whereas the talks of the person of vachayarth nature will almost be like (similar) that of this world and his talks are fruitless.

Purani Dharmakishordasji said, “He who has firm determination that God himself is here, but he does not see Him in his soul, whereas the other sees Him, will both get same achievement or with some difference?” Bapashri said, “There will be some difference because he is call egoistic. In association by and by, he can see in his soul. He who has installed Maharaj in his soul has really achieved, whereas the other one sees Him in the form of body.

Then Sheth Baldevbhai asked, “What about him who knows human form as divine?” Bapashri replied, “He who sees Him in the body form get jolt. But the other one does not get jolt”. If feelings are sincere, everything will be fulfilled.

Swami Ishwarcharandasji asked, “What about him who has firm trust?” Bapashri replied, “He may not see Him but if the determination is matured, it is proper. If the foundation in the form of determination is not firm, he may be affected by company. One having matured determination has no problem. The nature of Jiva is such that he would have got clarification from Muktas and then would have taken decision and also glance of Muktas would have fallen on him, but he would consider himself to be superior. This happens because of improper company. We feed calves and make them very strong but when they fail to come in use, we feel very much. We should follow the dharma of nonviolence even for mean Jiva. We should have mercy on them. Even such are to be liberated. Therefore, all of you wish that they are also benefited. They should not be humiliated. If anybody has become like a child in bad company, he should be given a thing which he wants to please him so that he comes to his senses. Someone please by illusive objects. If you give money to this boy, he will not be pleased but if you give him sea-shell he will be pleased. The nature of Jiva is such that it would not behave properly even if we try our level best. He wrote letter without writing his name but I could see him divinely. Why should I worry? He is corrupting his self. We have only Swaminarayana. Such people feel ashamed. What is the value of work of Prakruti (Universal objects)? We should always catch hold of Shriji Maharaj and if He is with us, everything is with us. We have only one business. There is no other business and you also do not do any other business. We, having one tendency should be pleased even in defeat. If we are pleased in defeat, Maharaj will become our Master. We went to Muli for yagna but some decided to put hurdles in yagna and to send us back -such was their decision but we performed yagna. They did their best for stopping the yagna and we were tired of reading their letters. Daily they used to write and now they are not writing a single letter after the yagna was over-such are the jolts. They leave Maharaj and go away so do not do like that. Virtues of Parvatbhai, DadaKhachar, ManchaKhachar, SomlaKhachar, VastaKhachar etc. are praised- we should learn such virtues. So called virtues such as that of Bhavnagarvala are also remembered just as that of DadaKhachar. JivaKhachar went to Bhavnagar on horseback to stop the work of temple at Gadhada because he did not want DadaKhachar to take the credit. Sachchidanand Swami persuaded him and made him fall from the horseback. He was brought back home on the cot. Maharaj came to see him and ask him, “How did you fall from the horse though you are a good rider?” He said that somebody pulled his leg and made him fall. Then Maharaj scolded in general in the assembly. Sachchidanand Swami asked not to fear he himself is responsible and he was being scolded. Maharaj advised do not keep the nature of Bhavnagarvala. Bhavnagaria nature means we try to disrepute some one by interfering in his work. Uncle (JivaKhachar) could not bare reputation of his nephew (DadaKhachar). With us also it is like uncle- nephew. We have such nephew named Mavji and his nature is of that kind. When Shriji Maharaj left for Akshardham, Brahmanand Swami said, “Mare ake na rahyo adhar, kaya jai ubhiye” -I have no any other succour (in time of hardship and distress), where to go. Such was his trust. Therefore, Muktas have no any succour excepting the Shriji Maharaj. Shriji Maharaj incarnated in the Samvat 1837, and become invisible (left for Akshardham) in the Samvat 1886, even then yog (opportunity) is the same because yog for Shriji Maharaj and His Anadi Mukta is the same. Now- a- days there is joy in meditation, katha, varta. In this yoga next birth will be prevented. There is nothing in authority. The real authority is at the feet (charan) of saints. || 217 ||