On the day of Bhadarva Vad, 12th, Bapashri, showing his favour, talked. He said, “If an ordinary Jiva leaves its body in presence of great Muktas, it gets happiness of immortal Mahaprabhuji. Maharaj and Muktas are with him at the place where he dies, provided he has understood His greatness and has love. He has got happiness in spite of his existence in the body. Therefore one should not doubt. The mercy of the Muktas is bountiful on all satsang, but those who get attached to Muktas with real feeling have special mercy on them. Muktas do not look at the guilt of Jiva. Those who have become one with Muktas by mind, karma, and words, will have their last birth. What is the meaning of meeting Muktas if salvation is achieved after a long time? Those who have met Muktas will not have to take birth. As I take more and more Jivas to Maharaj he is very much pleased. Just as if you bring donation of many villages in the temple, Muktas will be very much pleased. Just as the teacher thinks that if, he teaches more students, his superior will be pleased and will get the reward. Katha came to an end to here. || 113 ||