Then Bapasri said, “Luminescence emits limitlessly from Murti. That luminescence is very white, calm, cool, and thick. The Murti in it is lively. What is the pore of Sriji Maharaj? Luminescence emits like jet from Murti. Mass of luminescence is everywhere and around that Murti in all direction. Rays of luminescence bend and dash against one another and there are infinite heaps of luminescence- it is boundless. In such divine Murti infinite Anadi muktas dwell and remain engrossed in it and they are seen here by the sankalpa of Purusottam. We should not ask anything of this world from such great Anadi. To elaborate the point Bapasri said that if some businessman gives a bag full of ordinary things to the businessman who deals in diamonds, rubies, pearls, jewellery, jewels, chintamani, etc., that big businessman of jewellery would not like it but he will keep it because of the friendship and looking at his own greatness. Similarly, to recommend for fulfilment of mayik objects being fruit for, to ask for protecting our body to Anadi Maha Muktas who are beloved of Sriji Maharaj- the above cited example of the businessman fits here. Moreover, this jiva gets happiness as much as he has understanding of greatness of muktas and Maharaj and he becomes as he understands the greatness. Therefore, we should keep oneness and should have atmabuddhi (one’s own wisdom and intelligence) with muktas so that we become happy with the happiness of muktas and unhappy with unhappiness of muktas. When Sadguru Swami Nirgundasji left his body many became very sad- have such atmabuddhi (one’s own wisdom and intelligence). Greatness will be known when I will take you to the place where your destination is. We should always sing songs of Swaminarayana and even if someone threatened with sword, we should continue singing and should not commit any fault of a saint, a satsangi, a devotee. If fault of God’s devotee is committed, jiva will be perished.

Dhanjibhai of Narayanpar asked Bapasri, “Trees which have relationship with Sriji Maharaj are said to be entitled for the salvation. Whether will they go directly to Aksardham or have to come in satsang?” Bapasri said, “Those who come in such contact go directly to Aksardham because this assembly is divine. We should perform mental worship, seva with deep love. How will that love be created? If one gets attached to Murti with very much love, love will be developed in every part of body and if such talks go deep in jiva by hearing, pondering, constant study, etc. there will be realisation in jiva, if he keeps it loose, nothing can be done. How can we compare the one who walks forty miles with the one who walks only four steps? There was Samjimal of Bhuj in our region who was sincerely doing upasana. Whenever he could come, he used to sing devotional songs with love- at this some would make mockery of it but he would not mind it. In the beginning he was very quarrelsome but after coming in contact with me and when he had divine feeling for Maharaj and muktas he became very joyful. He was straightforward and trusting too. He would often ask Brahmachari Nirgunanandji to show him any seva. Brahmachari would ask him what kind of seva he could do. He would say whatever he would ask. Then Brahmachari explained him the divine feeling of the assembly and asked him, to take a fan in his hand and blow wind with the fan to cool the assembly and you should think that Sriji Maharaj himself sits in the assembly and tassel of His turban moves by the wind of the fan. Then he used to do thus. When he was doing, he would say, he was fanning Maharaj so a tassel of Sriji Maharaj moves. Thus by developing love and understanding greatness of muktas and as his faith was true, he became mukta. At that Mohanbhai asked Bapasri, “Why jiva does not have such feeling?” Bapasri said, “If it trusts muktas and does as they tell and continues to remain in the commands of Maharaj, it will have the same feeling. Kalyanasangji of village Mathak was very much eager to get physical darsan. I took him to Murti and asked him if it was real God or not. He agreed. He added that he recognised his shortcoming. In this we have to understand that Murti means Maharaj Himself is there- try to have such divine feeling.”

At night Bapasri, sitting on upper storey of the temple talked. He said, “A sadhu named Sevakram was ungrateful but as Maharaj did his seva, he was liberated. God or saint ignores guilt of everybody. It has been asked to do seva which is the path of salvation. Therefore, we should do seva of saint and saint will do our seva. Parents do seva of children, do not they do? Similarly God and saint do seva. They make jiva free from the cycle of birth and death, we should be very much thankful to them. The jiva wanders since many births.” Bapasri got his statement confirmed by saints and asked them if it was real principle or boasting. Then saint Muktavallabhdasji asked, “Bapa! How did Sevakram get salvation even though he was ungrateful?” Bapasri said, “Sevakram was seriously ill at the time of his death. His disciples were beside him but could not do his seva. Then Sevakram said that when first time he was going from Venkatadri to Ramesvar , he became very ill on the way and he became so weak that he could not walk. At that time, he met one Nilkantha Brahmachari. That Brahmachari did much service of him. Whereas at present there are many disciples but they are unable to do service even a thousandth part of the service which Brahmachari did. Alas! How much ignorant he felt for himself and repented that at that time he did not give any food to that Brahmachari. Whereas the disciples had become master of the math (temple) even then they were not doing any service. He remembered Nilkantha Brahmachari but how he could come. He said that he had made a great mistake at that time. While he was repenting thus by remembering Maharaj, Maharaj gave him luminous darsan even by forgetting His state and told him that he was Lord Swaminarayana and had come to fetch him. Then Sevakram said with deep love, “Oh! Lord Swaminarayana has come. Then he called his disciples and told them to have darsan of God and told them, all should worship Him. Then he prayed and said oh! Nilkantha Varni! I did not know you as such Lord, so it is my big guilt and forgive my guilt. He left the body offering prayer thus. Then Sriji Maharaj made him take birth in satsang but since he had not given any food to Maharaj, so till his death he was short of food. Then Sriji Maharaj, knowing him as surrendered gave him darsan at the time of death and took him to Aksardham. Such is the mercy of Sriji Maharaj. Therefore, firmly determine His supremacy. If one meditates on Sriji Maharaj’s divine luminous Murti, there will not be shortcoming in determination. By meditating thus, there will be realisation.” Then Bapasri said, “Several groups talk that one will be taken to Aksardham, whereas others bring him from Aksardham- what to do about it? All wear good clothes so how can they be recognised? But the king should be recognised. If he is recognised, work will be done. He who has not determined supremacy of Purusottamnarayana is searching here and there in vain like the washerman’s dog. That dog had determined that the one with wet legs is its owner, but did not know anything else. Then in monsoon it saw legs of all to be wet, and ran after one after the other and ultimately died. Do not do like that. Recognise Purusottamnarayana and determine firmly. Similarly saints should also be recognised but should not do like Rudaji’s completely shaven head. If upasana is not firm, it will happen like that. How big our Master is even then some do ordinary satsang– they do not know. They do not even know sadhu or asadhu, Incarnation-Incarnator- do not do thus. Recognise great muktas, otherwise he may stop anywhere- may stop in Devlok, in Vaikuntha or in Golok, then this all will not come in his hand. If the real thing is not got, it will happen thus. Happiness is only in Murti, nowhere else. The one who has got this benefit will freeze in Murti, will be happy. We are in satsang for that purpose. It is not a child’s play to surrender mind to great Anadi muktas. Great saints explain it so they are called form of door of liberation. The saint having thirty two characteristics is bound to talk about Aksardham. The name of Swaminarayana is chanted at thirty five million thin hair on body. Magnet attracts iron, similarly, take happiness of Murti with experiential knowledge. Get attached to Purusottamnarayana’s Murti. The one who gets you attached to Murti is a real saint. This has to be decided. This will have to be done by hook or crook. Saints and devotees are called great but this much has to be done. The covering of maya is not avoidable without Murti. Maya has three attributes. Do not keep relationship with those polluted attributes. We should remain in satsang as servant’s servant, otherwise we will not be able to tolerate anything. The Government has printed notes of thousands of rupees and they are valid because it has got the backing of authority. Similarly, Purusottamnarayana is the king’s king of infinite cosmoses- He can do what He wants. The whole life may pass as it is without Murti but the goal is not achieved. Satsang is invaluable- it contains pearls, jewellery, diamonds, etc. One can get whatever he wants. If needy takes only one jewel, he will become the most wealthy person of his town. This time and opportunity is good. The host is ready but guest is needed. Do not remain without Murti even for a moment. Capacity of Maharaj is beyond words so what is impossible? If one wants to be self-realised it can be done within six months. The one who remains in Murti round the clock will be in happiness. Some remain dry even in water- such is the nature of jiva. In the present time Sriji Maharaj shows much mercy so one who remains in Murti will become happy. It does not matter if he takes a little part in worldly affairs, but he must remain in the command of God. One should remain in Murti in three states viz. awakened, dream, subconscious; in three bodies viz. physical, subtle and causal; and in all three phases of time viz. present, past and future. This is applicable to all, because Maharaj and muktas themselves remain present in satsang. One who keeps share in the business of diamonds, rubies, pearls, will have much benefit and he will become a rich man. But if he keeps share in business of turmeric or chillies, how much will he get? Therefore, do real satsang. Do not complain. It is of no use. How great sadgurus are! How great devotees are! The time and opportunity is good. The preacher is good. Take whatever you want at this time. Such Maharaj, such muktas, such assembly- all this is adornment of Aksardham.” || 97 ||