On the evening of Fagan Vad 12th, Bapashri and all saints, devotees went to Kakarwadi to bathe. After taking bath met one another and performed mental worship under the babul tree.

Bapashri showing his favour, talked. He said, “The happiness of those who have become as Muktas by the grace of great Muktas has been detained by great Muktas but it should be considered as got it. The wealth of father belongs to the son; similarly my happiness is yours who are my followers (disciples). We, all, big or small are the sons of the same father. All whether intelligent or unintelligent will be made equally happy. Bhoja Bhakta of this village was made blissful. He did not see any thing else except Murti and used to say that how this head can bow to any one except Maharaj. The bodily feeling of one who remains indifferent to this world get rid of him and it is not necessary for him to come out from the adversity of time and place. When Mahaprabhuji’s Murti is realized fear and passion of snake, tiger, water, fire, honour, dishonour, sweet, sticky, acrid, etc get rid of- such is the power of Murti. When this village was affected by plague, all people left the village and lived out side the village. Then Bhoja Bhakta asked, “Oh gurudev! Why all these people run away?” Then Bapashri said, “The plague has come to this village so people run away.” Then he said, “Shriji Maharaj has sent a servant by taking pity on His devotees. If my devotee needs some one’s service but if there is no one, will become sad. Therefore, if the servant is sent, one will be free within twenty four hours. So He has sent the servant and instead of taking his service they are running away. What hell do they understand? I will remain in the village.” Then Bapashri said, “We are taking Idols of Thakorji to my farm. How can you dine without His darshan.” Bhoja Bhakta said, “You be here and keep Thakorji also here.” Then I said, “All devotees and the chief of the village tell me to go with them, so I have to join them and will also take Thakorji with me.” He said, “I will come there for darshan.” Then I said, “The people will not allow you to come for darshan so you come there.” Then he said, “Maharaj has sent this servant, call him there in my service, then only I can come.” I said, “Come on, I shall call him to my farm.” Then all went. On the next day Bhoja Bhakta said, “If the servant goes away what I shall do- so call him.” I told him that he will come tomorrow. On the next day he developed a lump so he became pleased and said that at last the servant has been sent for. Then I asked, “Do you want to eat anything?” He said that he wanted to eat shiro (sweet dish). Then shiro was prepared for him and served to him in banana leaf. By the time he finished half of it, he left his body. Such was his matured knowledge and was detached to body (videhi).

I want to take all souls to Mahaprabhuji because if one soul is taken to Mahaprabhuji, the happiness which is got first is given thousand times more. Maharaj is got with the blessing of Muktas. After reaching the bliss of Maharaj there is no activity like bathing, washing, eating, drinking, worshipping, etc. There you get new kinds of happiness. That happiness comes combinedly from Maharaj and Muktas. Just as taste of ghee, jaggery, wheat, sugar, appears different in shiro and just as the taste and quality of cinnamon, clove, salt, etc appears different in hotchpotch- similarly the feeling bliss of Maharaj and Muktas appears different. After this talk all came to temple, sang godi (a devotional song) and performed arti. ||77 ||