On the day of Bhadarva Vad 30th, Pranshankarbhai of Saraspur asked a question in the assembly, “How can one know that he has been fulfilled?” Bapashri replied, “It can be only known when one adopts the means like Shriji Maharaj’s katha-varta, meditation, devotional songs, etc and he does everything for himself as well for others and feels that it is done by Shriji Maharaj and Muktas and not by him and does not give up the feelings of service as a servant. If such characteristics are there, it should be known that it has been fulfilled. If one cares for others and does not care for himself it will not be fulfilled. For example a devotee of Sorath sent others to Akshardham by giving discourses but he himself had to take four births then it was fulfilled. What to talk about Maharaj and Muktas and what is the position of Jiva! Much has been achieved by less effort. If one goes elsewhere means, he has less importance of Maharaj. If we take Mahaprabhuji as omnipotent, no thoughts will arise and there will be constant happiness in Murti only. There is happiness only in Maharaj’s Murti, whereas there is nothing to admire.

The greatness of incarnation etc has been said in paroksha scripture but there is no darshan of today’s Muktas to them. At this time the basic form which is Shriji Maharaj is achieved. Anadi Muktas are achieved and attributeless (nirgun) which is abode in the form of luminescence is achieved. Such Muktas have come in present time. If mind is surrendered to them and remains under their commands by mind, deeds, and words, all his works are completed and all happiness is got everywhere. When incarnation etc along with their Parshads come in satsang for the purpose of liberation and if they associate with such Anadi Muktas keeping faith in them, and if knowledge of Maharaj’s form is realized, they will be liberated. If faith is not kept and achievement which has been made previously, it will remain as it is. When they come in satsang again and when such knowledge is had, they will get ultimate liberation. Therefore if one keeps faith in Muktas and get its Jiva attached to them, Muktas will make him happy in the happiness of Murti. Just as the root of the lotus is stuck in mud and when water nourishes it and the sun blooms it but when the root of lotus separates from mud, the same water rots the lotus and the same sun dries it. Similarly Jiva which gets attached to great Muktas by mind, deed and words, it is nourished by Muktas and if not, they do not nourish it. Therefore one should get stuck to Muktas like lotus. || 117 ||