In the morning of Samvat 1984, Kartak Sud 3rd, Bapasri came to the house of Dhanjibhai after completing daily routine in the temple of Narayanpur. There he offered meals to Ṭhakorji by much insistence of Dhanjibhai. At that time some devotees having love prayed for his visit so he went from house to house of each devotee and gave darsan and pleased them. Then he came to the temple and had some rest. When devotees came to know that Bapasri was coming in the afternoon to take bath, all devotees young or old came to the road where the water flowed in force in deep pit in the river. Bapasri also came by horse carriage to the place where he used to bathe daily. Then all bathed together. Then Bapasri said that nobody should bathe, without remembering Murti and bathe infinite muktas along with Maharaj. At that time devotees, sang devotional song. ‘Aj men to ditha valane vat vetan’ (today I have seen beloved God on the way to us). When all devotees had completed the song, Bapasri met all in the water of the river. Then he changed the clothes, sat on the sand and performed mental worship. Devotees had brought sandalwood paste, red turmeric powder and garlands which they garlanded Bapasri and applied sandalwood paste. Bapasri also applied sandalwood paste to all. Devotees had brought papaiya and bananas which were offered to Ṭhakorji and then distributed as prasad to all. Then Bapasri said in such brahmayajna one will not find showmanship but he gets bliss of Murti very much. Jiva has much attraction for activity so it does not understand such talk. There is everything in such divine assembly. During this time Maharaj has shown much mercy so Anadi muktas remaining engrossed attract many to Murti. How can one get their darsan, seva, touch, etc.! This is all because of pity of Sriji Maharaj so there is such benefit. This time and association is very good. Look! Maharaj went from house to house in Kutch so whole land became holy. How fortunate this region is! Great muktas have also such capacity. We are sitting in such place, hence what sort of peace is felt! In big cities, wherever you go there is no peace. Therefore, Maharaj says that He likes woods, hills and forest very much. We should also have such liking. Whatever you do, in such places will multiply many times. Maharaj has made us His own hence believe as fulfilled. Because of such muktas divine feeling for Maharaj and enjoyers of bliss of Murti goes on increasing-know thus and always remain in joy. Maharaj is looking at us. His such mercy is on the whole satsang, otherwise what is the capacity of jiva that it can recognise Maharaj and muktas. Mahaprabhu has shown His much favour. We should never have human feeling for that Murti and great Anadi. One may do penance for thousands of years even then, it is difficult to realise Maharaj and muktas- today you meet them easily. They do not see whether one is worthy or unworthy and give darsan to all- what a big thing! Saying thus Bapasri made the Jay ghosh of Sahajanand Swami, then, he sat in the horse-carriage and went to the house of Dhanjibhai along with devotees at his request. There on the new upper storey of the building Bapasri sat on a seat. The whole room was full of devotees. Dhanjibhai and sons Ramjibhai, Laljibhai, and Harjibhai performed puja of Bapasri with garlands and sandalwood paste, prostrated and prayingly said that they were his children and asked Bapasri to keep mercy on them for ever as he had. They added that they do not know how to please Bapasri but as he considered them as his own by his mercy so he should remain pleased as you are. They also said that they never had human feeling for him and the pleasure of followers of Maharaj, saints, devotees, etc. remained on them- show such mercy. Bapasri said, “I am very much pleased with you because your love is such. You are very eager to have my pleasure so all have been kept in Murti- do not forget it. All young and old remain united. If there is love for one another in satsang Murti will not be forgotten.” While Bapasri was talking thus, Lalsankarbhai applied sandalwood paste to Bapasri, tide the turban on his head and prayed. Bapasri said, “What have you done this?” Dhanjibhai said, “Bapa! Lalsankarbhai stayed in this place for a month. At that time, he had decided to invite you here, perform your puja. You have fulfilled his wish today by showing your mercy.” On hearing this, Bapasri was pleased and met him and all devotees, and went to the temple. In the assembly during katha Bapasri said, “We should not leave Murti even for a moment hence all means have been completed. Everything else without it is activity and has no end. Therefore, we should remain happy only in the happiness of Murti. There is nothing like seeing in this world. Only Sriji Maharaj is worth seeing. The real treasure of life, which helps us in happiness and unhappiness, is Sriji Maharaj. Therefore, do not pay attention in any other talks and take happiness of Murti remaining in Murti. One cannot get such opportunity up to Aksarkoti, whereas today he gets darsan moving here and there-it is the mercy of Mahaprabhu.” || 110 ||