On the morning of Fagan Sud 2nd, Bapashri showing his favour, talked in the assembly. He said, “The one who remains in the group of Muktas and get attached with them will have no fear in this world of Kal, karma, illusion (maya), nature, passion, etc which are enemies like lion, serpent, etc. Even if he joins Muktas by remaining in illusion (maya), he will have no fear of aforesaid enemies. Just as householder earns for his family and gives it to his children. Similarly Shriji Maharaj did penance, service, wandered in woods and forest and taught us to behave in the same way. Just as blind person understand that Shriji Maharaj and Muktas have gone, Shriji and Muktas are already there in this assembly. If one has such faith and sits in the assembly, he will be fulfilled. Happiness will not come in childish nature. With awareness of knowledge if one becomes introvert, happiness will come but his tendency does not lean towards it but it leans towards means, so while continuing means one should keep his tendency in Maharaj and Muktas. If rosary (mala), mental worship, katha, varta, meditation, devotion, etc cannot done by saint as well householder, it’s a loss. One should examine whether Shriji Maharaj is realized by means of rosary (mala), mental worship, meditation or something lacks. If he examines in this way he is said to be faithful (pativruta). We may be called as the follower of Shriji Maharaj but if vow of rosary (mala), mental worship is not taken, we will be punished just as the king punishes his servant if he does not salute him; so we should meditate on Murti but not on illusion (maya). There is happiness only in Murti and not elsewhere. To waste time for other things, it is loss of time. He may do katha varta, association, etc and send others in Akshardham but he himself remains unfulfilled. In this satsang lacs of people are sent to Akshardham by doing katha, varta, etc but he himself is deprived of it- it is like serving meal to others but he himself does not dine and remains hungry. Dhanjibhai of Narayanpura made others to sit in train but he himself was left out, similarly in the satsang some are called great and do talk but do not withdraw tendency- it will be a defect. It is just like the kitchen is with him but he himself does not get meal. Lord Purushottam and Muktas never separate so we should stick to them and should go for collecting charity but tendency should be kept in Shriji. Thousands of people sit before him to listen to his discourses in the assembly but if he does not think about it, he himself will remain unfulfilled. If the tendency is not introvert he would remain unfulfilled so develop tendency of giving and taking i.e. give discourse to them and at the same time take something for his own self. Anadi Mahamuktaraj Shri Gopalanand Swami had love for Shriji Maharaj so Maharaj Himself had to remember him. Similarly if we love Maharaj in the same way Maharaj himself will remember us. Today we behave with you in the friendly manner with a view to giving you happiness. So you get happiness in talking, asking, etc. Objects of illusion (maya) are hurdles for renouncer as well for householder but if Maharaj is installed in the soul, there will not be any hurdle. The object of prasadi may even be an obstacle if there is love for it, so we should see that the need for it does not arise. If one has ten or twenty footprints (charnarvind) of Maharaj he will take pride of it but footprints are of no use. The prasadi will be helpful for keeping memory of Shriji Maharaj. It is like immovable tirth (place of pilgrimage). We may have darshan of it for innumerable times, but we should understand that it will be of no use without Murti. If householder serves satsang with money if he has, it will do good for him, but if he uses it for worldly affairs, it will be binding. Patel in Kera earned twenty five thousand Koris (currency of Kutch). Swami Aksharjivandasji told him to give monetary help so that a temple can be built. He said if Bapashri orders, he would give as much as he demanded. Swami told us about it so I and Swami went there and told him to give financial help for the temple of God. He replied that he was not ready to spend from his earned money but now he is going aboard to earn money and from that money he would give help. He refused by using such a trick and thereafter he went aboard to earn. He went aboard by sea and on the way two ships dashed against each other and he died in this accident. He did not obey the words of Muktas and afterwards everything of his went astray, so when the opportunity arises, soon services should be done in satsang. Murti and assembly should be kept in soul, if you want to be happy. Premjibhai suffered loss in factory and began to cry. I told him, you have incurred loss but it is not the loss of God so remember God, whatever was the cause of misery has gone. By understanding like this, householder should not keep love in illusive objects and renouncer should not keep love for objects of prasadi. || 156 ||