On the day of Fagana Sud 11th, Samvat 1983, Seth Sanwaldasbhai of Karachi came to Saraspur. He stayed there for a day. To take Bapasri to Karachi he requested Swami Isvarcharanadasji, “Please come to Vrspur with me and persuade Bapasri to come to Karachi. Lalubhai and other devotees of Karachi have sent me with an insistence to fetch Bapasri to Karachi.” Having requested thus he got ready to go to Vrspur along with Swami Isvarcharanadasji and a group of other saints. He requested Vrndavandasji Swami to go with them but Swami said to him, “You go to Vrspur and I would come to Karachi when Bapasri goes to Karachi. Please inform me by telegram.” Then Swami Isvarcharanadasji, etc. went to Bhuj and after having darsan of Ṭhakorji Swami Isvarcharanadasji informed the saints there that that devotee (Sanwaldasbhai) had come to take Bapasri to Karachi. So the saints said, “Bapasri does not feel well; so it is doubtful whether he will come.” Swami Isvarcharanadasji said, “Let’s go to Vrspur first, have darsan there and then we shall do as Bapasri wishes.” Swami along with the saints started for Vrspur. Sanwaldasbhai hired a car from Bhuj to Mandavi and came to Vrspur. There after having had darsan of Bapasri, all prostrated before him and Bapasri also met all. Swamisri immediately prayed to Bapasri and requested him to come to Karachi. At first Bapasri refused and said, “I am not feeling well. You came here hurriedly without informing me.” Then Swami Isvarcharanadasji said, “Bapa! Whatever excuse you may show, but as Sanwaldasbhai has come by car to invite us, you will have to come to Karachi.” At that time Bapasri was reluctant to go but after the request of Swamisri and Sanwaldasbhai he agreed. In the morning of Fagana Sud 15th, Bapasri came to Mandavi by car along with the saints and devotees who wanted to go to Karachi viz., Swami Isvarcharanadasji, Muktavallabhdasji, Harijivandasji, Kuber bhakta, Motibhai, Asabhai, Sanwaldasbhai, Bapasri’s grandson Mavjibhai, and Khimjibhai of Narayanapur and Sivlalbhai and Mohanbhai. As the devotees of Mandavi came to know about Bapasri’s arrival all came for their darsan at seashore of Mandavi. Bapasri met all and then sent a telegram to Swami Vrndavandasji asking him to come to Karachi. Bapasri boarded the steamer and on the day of fuldol landed at Karachi. Devotees of Karachi were informed from Mandavi. So they had come to receive him. All devotees’ joy knew no bounds by having darsan of Bapasri. Bapasri was given a grand welcome by the devotees and all were uttering victorious shout, singing devotional songs to the accompaniment of musical instruments and sprinkling gulal on one another as the welcome procession proceeded towards the temple. Thus, the procession went ahead in joy with darsan of Bapasri. Bapasri was sitting in a car, his forehead was smeared with sandalwood paste, he was wearing many garlands and everyone was having darsan of Bapasri. Thus the procession marched ahead with pomp and pageantry and reached the temple at 11.00 a.m. At that time, grand festivity was on before Ṭhakorji. There was such a heavy rush of male and female devotees who had come to have darsan of Bapasri in the temple that it seemed as if there was a large festival. In the temple, macebearers standing near Maharaj, were saying ‘Long live Maharaj.’ At that time Bapasri had darsan of Kunjavihari Harikrsna Maharaj sprayed with colour. The priest of temple sprayed colour on Bapasri, the clothes became coloured with Gulal (a kind of redish powder). All became joyful. When the festival came to end, all the devotees came in the temple square. The vessel of colour and Gulal was brought by Lalubhai, etc. and requested Bapasri, “Just as you have given darsan please spray colour on all as prasadi so that all devotees young or old will become happy.” Then Bapasri sprayed colour and Gulal on all and made jai ghosh of Sahajanand Swami. A devotee in the group started to sing devotional songs, which others followed and repeated. Then Bapasri went to bathe after pleasing all. After some time performed puja after having bath and said Jay Swaminarayana to the saints and devotees. Sanwaldasbhai was sitting beside Lalubhai. On seeing this Bapasri told Lalubhai, “This samaiya of fuldol was due to Sanwaldasbhai. I was not feeling well but his love was so much that he came to fetch me from Bhuj by hiring a car and he brought with him Swami Isvarcharanadasji. He has taken promise from Vrndavandasji to come to Karachi. Before we boarded the steamer from Mandavi, a telegram was sent to Swami. Such is his love and insistence of all of you. So, I could come; otherwise it was not possible for me to move out.” Then looking at the devotees Bapasri said, “This Lalubhai is also a great mukta.” Thus he was praised. In the meanwhile, Ṭhakorji’s thal was ready; so Asabhai requested Bapasri and Bapasri along with the devotees went to offer thal to Ṭhakorji. All the devotees were eagerly waiting in the temple for the arrival of Bapasri in the assembly. Lalubhai and Mahadevbhai told Swamisri, “This time you have shown much mercy and brought Bapasri. Sanwaldasbhai also showed the same courage.” Swami Isvarcharanadasji said, “Bapasri is independent. Because of his grace you all got this benefit. We were at Amdavad and we were also forced. Bapasri has much mercy on the devotees of Karachi. Whenever we go to Kutch he never forgets to ask about the news of Karachi. You are very lucky that you have pleased Bapasri. This time take his advantage showing your eagerness, because Bapasri shows much depth in his talks. We cannot know his wish.” Then Lalubhai, Mahadevbhai, Hirabhai, Sanwaldasbhai, Amichandbhai, Somchandbhai, Gordhanbhai, Govindbhai, Kalidasbhai, Tribhovanbhai, Ṭhakarsibhai and many other devotees requested Swami to pray to Bapasri on their behalf for the happiness of darsan, seva and his talk. Whenever we go to Kutch, we stay there for five to eight days and Bapasri’s talks take place in the assembly, at his farm, at the pond, at his home, in the morning, in the afternoon, in the evening and even at night. We also get opportunity for his seva but cannot take much benefit. Only devotees going for darsan have that benefit. Here all devotees are thirsty of his seva, association; therefore, this time get us the happiness of his talk, and his pleasure by making him pleased. This much is our prayer.” As the talk was going on Bapasri came to the temple, greeted all with Jay Swaminarayana and sat on his seat. All the saints and devotees prostrated before Bapasri and would say Jay Swaminarayana. Then Bapasri told Isvarcharanadasji Swami, “Swami! This time make all devotees happy by pouring juice in the form of your talks.” Swami said, “Bapa! Same topic is going on. All devotees have requested me to tell you on their behalf to give them happiness of your seva and your talks.” Bapasri said, “We have come for the same purpose. Our only work is katha-varta, meditation, rosary, mental worship, etc. Great muktas did the same. Sriji Maharaj Himself used to continue the katha-varta. During katha-varta if someone calls for dinner, He would not show His willingness and in case He comes for dinner, He would utter ‘Hare-Hare’. He has shown this to teach us.” Talking thus, he showed his pleasure.

On the day of Fagana Vad 1st Bapasri was seated on the first floor of the temple. He asked Lalubhai, “Formerly you were not in good health. How do you feel now?” Lalubhai said, “Bapa! I am all right now because of your darsan. For a few days, I had fever but after getting news of your arrival the fever has gone and today you and this Swamisri made us very happy. You showed much mercy on us.”

Then Bapasri, showing his favour, talked. He said, “The nature of jiva is such that it is glued to object of five senses and in passion and laziness but the happiness which is there in Murti is nowhere else. The fruit of all means is Murti. If one meditates on it, there will be jets of joy and happiness. We have got such wonderful thing. We have got it but jiva is ignorant, and it has dearth of knowledge of greatness, no faith, and has not known the diamond as it is. It can feel the happiness of Murti provided it knows greatness with knowledge. Just as Sriji Maharaj is divine, so also muktas are. But there is the master-servant relationship in the enjoyer of happiness. Maharaj is donor of happiness and muktas are enjoyers of happiness. Then he said, ‘Vhala e rasna chakhanhar, chhas te nav pive re lol.’ (they who are fond of juice do not like to drink buttermilk). Sriji Maharaj asked His muktas, “Go on the earth. There to whomsoever you do katha-varta and whosoever takes prasadi of your hands, will all get My abode.” But, jiva is atheist so, the goal is not chased. This time there is everything but there is dearth in greatness so, he doubts that whether there is such happiness or not. Then Maharaj scorns him. Such is the happiness of Maharaj and muktas even then jiva has feelings of atheism towards Maharaj and muktas. Trees, mountains where muktas tread are fortunate. Maharaj and muktas are not away from us. Do not understand this body is made of five elements. If one wants to be happy in the happiness of Murti he should avoid love for mayik objects. If we associate such muktas with mind, karma and words, we can soon reach in the happiness of Lord’s Murti by crossing the sea in the form of world and it will be major achievement. If one remains in the commands of muktas, they will fulfil him by pushing him. Whatever is spent in satsang by great Anadi becomes infinite. Whosoever has recognised such satsang is fulfilled. On that topic, Bapasri quoted the example of Harjibhai of Kumbhariya. Thus, one should avoid the feelings of senses and conscience and should remain in the bliss of Murti. Whatever vices seen in this satsang is atheism. If divine feeling is seen, it is theism. Faith should be made so firm that love is not developed elsewhere excepting in Maharaj and anadi mukta. If the sight reaches in the happiness of Maharaj soul and body will become separate. When there is experiential knowledge, there is realisation. Just as fishes play in water, so also muktas play in Murti. Jiva is incapable before Purusottam’s Murti, but when it becomes one with Murti, it becomes capable. This whole assembly is of Aksardham and also of Anadi muktas dwelling in Murti. When it seems like this, one believes that it is divine feeling.” Then Bapasri said, “One should see God through tendency of jiva. If you face senses and conscience, you will not have to make efforts to join Murti and automatically tendency will remain in Murti and whole Murti will be meditated. We should meditate on white Murti having two eyes. Ornaments, garlands, armlet, etc. which are white divine should be meditated as they are on Maharaj’s body. Turban and feather should also be meditated as white. When tendency becomes steady in Murti, we should take bliss of Murti by remaining engrossed in whole Murti. The greatness of great saint is such that if one touches them with knowledge of greatness, he achieves Aksardham and one who feeds them with love and performs their puja with flowers and sandalwood paste and gives them clothes he achieves Lord’s Aksardham even with existing body. If jiva remembers Maharaj and great muktas it will soon become happy and his passion, anger, etc. will be done away with. People worship stone by pouring water on it considering it as Ksetrapal. Then this one is Lord Purusottam Himself and His Anadi muktas. Even then, he does not have determination and does not feel knowledge of greatness equal to that of mayik objects -how much ignorance it is. When the king takes out procession, it is not necessary to collect a crowd. Similarly, wherever there is Murti it is like that. The basic principle of muktas is to divert jiva towards God. Jiva is engulfed in many kinds of fascination, but after giving due thought, if it has proximity of God the fascination will be done away with and it will get divine body. Divine body means godly virtues. By associating with saints who are form of Purusottam, one would become form of Purusottam. At first, the light in jiva will be very little and by and by it becomes like Powerful light, then becomes form of Purusottam. Just as if log is dropped in fire, it becomes form of fire. Similarly, in association with mean person one cannot become the form of Purusottam. Just as if a log is given in the hand of child, it will not come in contact with fire and if log is thrown anywhere it will not become the form of fire.”

“Infinite muktas having form, dwell in the whole Murti of Maharaj- it is state of Anadi. One should believe one’s form as luminescence and in the mass of that luminescence, one should meditate on Murti and look at that Murti- it is state of ekantik. And one becomes like Murti and remains in front of Murti and take bliss of Murti- it is the state of param ekantik.”

In this way when Bapasri showing his pleasure was talking, Lalubhai and Hirabhai prayed and told Bapasri, “Bapa! You must have been tired in the journey by steamer so you, Swamisri and all take a little rest.” Bapasri said, “I have always peace and rest. There is bliss in Murti even then let all take rest.” Saying so after some refreshment Bapasri also took rest. || 31 ||