At night, Bapasri talked from his seat on the upper storey of the temple. He said, “Meditation of Maharaj should be done with awareness– we should not trust the rogue in the form of thoughts. If we meditate and become introvert, luminescence will be seen and in the flash of that luminescence, Murti will be seen. Therefore, one should get attached thinking that the cosmos is full of muktas along with assembly. You may have thought for sitting one hour but see that it takes two hours- try to do like that. We may not be able to lift very heavy stone weighing hundreds of thousands quintals but if great muktas give their hand, it can be lifted. Similarly, we can be happy by meditation. Unless, causal Murti is meditated happiness will not come with ordinary efforts. If you remember this divine assembly, that thing will be realised with the help of muktas. Sriji Maharaj has said in the 3rd Vachanamrt of 1st Gadhada First Chapter, “One should remember the lila which has been done at respective places by respective incarnations so that God can be remembered. Saying so Bapasri showed divine feeling of assembly and added that even if there may be famine after famine for hundred times but our devotion for God should not become less. Nobody is able to do anything. If one understands thus he becomes worthy of grace. Comparative importance of worthiness brings more or less happiness. The one who sees Murti constantly is called worthy of grace and then only happiness comes. Blessings and mercy of great Anadis is needed in it. We till the field, give manure, water it, and do such efforts but the giver of fruit is Sriji Maharaj. Something is possible with our own efforts and something is possible by the mercy of God and His muktas- know thus. If own efforts are not put he will not have divine feeling for great Anadi. Some may go to Amdavad, Bhuj, Gadhada, Vadtal, etc. but without recognising great muktas and without getting attached to them and pleasing them by service, one cannot be worthy. Flash of lightening does not remain for ever; therefore the pearl should be threaded in this flash. After becoming worthy and talks of great Anadi muktas takes by heart, his efforts for achieving goal become very strong and he gets divine body. Just as the light comes from the lamp piercing the cover, the cover itself becomes the form of light. Similarly, when the body becomes divine, this is understood. This is sweet coconut means everything is divine on account of divine Murti. This temple is built here and Idol installed in it so, the temple should be known as beneficial divine. It is not a small thing that we have got association of Maharaj and muktas. Just as there is attribute in a tree and water. Similarly, there is attribute in Maharaj and muktas. Understanding the greatness thus one should meditate, do rosary, have divine feeling in satsang– this is all the cause of becoming worthy. When he becomes such worthy, he gets full grace of Maharaj and great Anadis. This is the principle of Vachanamrt. He may study other scriptures for twelve plus twelve means twenty-four years but he will not get causal Murti. Therefore, one should learn such divine education from such great muktas.

Then Bapasri said, “He is called satsangi when he realises four things viz. Vachanamrt and Bhaktachintamani, etc. scriptures; Siksapatri, Dharmamrt, Niskamsuddhi, etc. commands; sat (truth) which is soul and sat (true) which is God means Lord Sriji Maharaj; this four things who has realised has now become satsangi, but he should install God, which is installed by great Anadi muktas. God comes by the words of blessings of muktas. Such great Anadis are satyasankalpa (realising sankalpas). Just see! In the reading of Vachanamrt, only nectar of Sriji Maharaj is there. Those who have drink that nectar are all great muktas. In this assembly, there are all viz. ekantik, param ekantik, and Anadi. We should see this assembly in Murti. Muktas dwell in Murti with their divine body. They enjoy happiness remaining engrossed in it. Maharaj is donor and muktas are enjoyer. Thus, there is the master-servant relationship. Muktas dwell in Murti means Maharaj becomes support and feeling of servant becomes firm for muktas. Then he has nothing excepting Murti. Infinite muktas enjoy happiness remaining engrossed in Murti in this way. || 56 ||