Bapasri, showing his favour, talked. ‘Min snehi nir, chandra snehi chakor’ (a fish is affectionate of water and a chakor is affectionate of the Moon). Thus if all senses are drawn towards God with love, a devotee of God gains virtues. A devotee asked about sight without any obstacle (niravarana). Then Bapasri said, “There is ninety percent risk in the sight without obstacle because in that sight he will see mayik objects and other regions and he can also see beyond the wall and even in water, he will see object of senses but this all will be seen excepting God’s Murti. Formerly Ravaji and Jesaji who had sight without obstacle faced hurdles. What is sight without obstacle in view of muktas? In their opinion, real sight without obstacle and state of tranquillity (upsam) is that in which there is loss of memory of mayik objects excepting God and muktas. Today Lord Swaminarayana and His muktas have become very favourable, in their association everything will be realised. But some are in the grip of ghosts viz. ghosts of authority, pride, education, wisdom, etc. if you are in that grip you will be deprived of such benefit. One should ask for donation of salvation in such divine assembly and in such place like naimisaranya. If the ritual of that donation is not known, he will wander in this world. In Gadhada Swami Hariswarupdasji was telling to study his palm. There is no darkness in the house of Lord Swaminarayana. Therefore, all of you be vigilant and please Maharaj. Then Bapasri said, “The real devotee of God sees only God. He will have no knowledge of any other activity like eating, drinking, sleeping, sitting. Such devotee cannot be known from his outward tendency. To elaborate this point Bapasri said in Gadhpur Sriji Maharaj once said in the assembly that a particular saint used to sleep all the while. On hearing this, all saints tried to find out from their own sitting place and others’ sitting place that who was sleeping all the while, but nobody could be seen so all were surprised. Then Maharaj asked Hariswarupanand Swami what activity he was doing. Then he said that he was doing katha-varta five times, going to bathe on the banks of the river Ghelo and Narayana Ghat, going to eat in the dining hall; thus I do all activities but for the last seven days, I have lost the memory of this world and activities. If the memory is there, I swear in the name of paramhansas. On hearing, this Maharaj told whole assembly that such saint is called sleeping all the while. In this way, the devotee of God who sees God in all the three states. Do not think that he is sleeping; he is always there in the form of Maharaj. God has to look after all activities like his body and his worldly affairs of such devotee who has got attached to God. On this talk, Bapasri gave an example of Zinabhai, Zinabhai was going somewhere with his tendency (vrtti) in Murti lost the memory of his body. When he came near the corner of the well, he was about to fall in it. At that time, Maharaj was in Gadhpur. There He trembled and caught hold of Zinabhai’s arm and drew him away from the corner of the well. A devotee asked, “Oh Maharaj! Why did you tremble?” Maharaj said, “Zinabhai was coming with his tendency (vrtti) in my Murti. If I had not drawn him away from the corner of the well, he would have fallen in it. On seeing this, I trembled. Thus, when God’s devotee forgets activity of his body and worldly affairs because of his tendency (vrtti) concentrated on God, God has to be vigilant for him. Maharaj will very much be pleased with the devotee who takes care of all necessities like his eating, drinking, etc. of that devotee whose vrtti is in God’s form. He is liberated from doing any means to achieve his goal. Such is the fruit of muktas’ seva. || 52 ||