As Bapasri was to go all devotees, one by one performed puja of Bapasri and saints with garlands and sandalwood paste. They would offer fruits, dry fruits, pray with folded hands and prostrate. Bapasri would get up and meet all of them, put his hand on their heads, make joke and make them laugh and to some who were unhappy because of social problems he would bless them and say that Maharaj would do everything good. Thus, many devotees would take darsan in turn so the place of assembly would become full of devotee. All wanted Bapasri and saints to stay more but nobody could speak. Bapasri, seeing their love would promise to keep them in Murti and make them pleased. He would call them sweetly and he would throw his glance of compassion and bless them. He met Brahmachari and all devotees, young or old, and greeted them with Jay Swaminarayana and started in a car for going to the port. Crowd of devotees and group of women outside the temple were all having darsan of Bapasri at the time of departure. All were greeted with Jay Swaminarayana and on the way the devotees who were living in Kiyamadi area of Karachi insisted Bapasri to visit their homes. So Bapasri obliged by by visiting their homes giving them darsan and pleasing them all, Bapasri reached the port. Thousands of mumuksus, saints, devotees had come to the port. Najubhai was conducting the audience by singing devotional songs, and the audience was following him. Khimjibhai of Narayanapur was also singing devotional songs standing in the steamer. Thus, all pleased Bapasri. The devotees would go on the steamer and perform his puja with sandalwood paste and garlands, would offer prayer; and the saints who were standing near the steamer would not leave in order to get darsan. To please Bapasri some were standing near the steamer with folded hands. When devotees were garlanding Bapasri, these garlands were getting tangled in Bapasri’s turban so Bapasri took off the turban and tied a short dhoti around his head. Bapasri had worn dhoti along with thick kediyu (upper wear). Devotees had applied thick sandalwood paste on the forehead and many garlands were there around his neck. The devotees standing at the shore were having such divine darsan of Bapasri. Then Bapasri said Jay Swaminarayana to all and standing on the deck of the steamer very merciful Bapasri started throwing fruits from the steamer which he had been offered by devotees for giving to those Sadgurus, saints, etc., standing at the shore and to those who could not go in front due to heavy rush. Bapasri would speak the names of Sadgurus viz. take Swami Vrndavandasji, take Swami Isvarcharanadasji, Purani Hariprasaddasji, Devjivandasji, Muktavallabhdasji, Purani Dharmakisordasji, Asabhai and tell them to take the fruit and the fruit would go in the hands of one whose name was spoken. Thus, it was a miraculous experience at that time. The steamer left at the fixed time. Devotees standing at the shore began to prostrate. On the steamer Bapasri raised both his hands and blessed with assurance of salvation and would say now it is enough. All were chanting Jay Swaminarayana with folded hands and the devotees who had came with Bapasri and were standing on steamer were also saying Jay Swaminarayana to all. At that time there were showers of sandalwood from the sky on that divine group so all become joyous. In this way all got divine darsan of Bapasri while the steamer was moving. Thus, Bapasri giving the blessing of ultimate liberation to all came to Kutch.

This time Bapasri showing his favour stayed in Karachi for fifteen days and during this period many mumuksus were accomplished. From early morning till late in the night the group of saints and devotees would be besides him and one by one devotees would keep on coming. Some would give up their work and would take benefit of seva and darsan. Bapasri would finish his daily rituals, puja, etc. before mangala arati took place. At that time devotees would sing devotional songs morning of morning time, perform puja with garlands of flower, meet and apply sandalwood paste. At that time topic for talks would come out or Bapasri himself would start talking and this would take an hour or two. The talks would be about description of Murti, divine Murti, divine assembly, divine mukta, divine abode, divine flower, divine puja, divine activity, etc. Thus, wonderful talks advising to keep divine feeling everywhere would take place. Then sanagar arati (ornaments, clothes, mugat, and other such valuable things will be put on Murti), would take place. Then katha-varta would take place in the assembly till it was the time for rajbhog arati. Again katha-varta would take place at noon on the upper storey of temple. Devotees would sit in the assembly at their seats till twelve in the night, after evening arati. When Bapasri would start talking, saints and devotees would become peaceful. The new talks about bliss of Murti, keeping engrossed, drinking of nectar in the form of happiness of Murti, getting grace of God, divine feeling, knowledge of greatness, used to take place everyday and often. Sometimes some Mumukshus who suffered from some disease would come for darsan, pray, take blessings and would be free from disease. Some who were affected by evil spirit would also come and would become free from such evil spirit. In this way, Bapasri made many devotees of Karachi happy by giving them divine happiness of Sriji Maharaj and making them free from miseries of body and made them happy. Many children were brought to Bapasri by their relatives. They were surrendered to Bapasri and made them favourable of Sriji Maharaj and made them worthy of salvation by the grace of Bapasri. Some became pure by begging pardon for the mistakes they had committed. Thus, Bapasri in Karachi opened the doors of ultimate liberation for innumerable jivas and showed his divine power. In the assembly, Bapasri would talk about such a miraculous power of Maharaj that any devotee who came there for darsan could not leave. Many devotees would bring garlands of flower and perform puja in the assembly. Thus, in many ways Bapasri made devotees and mumuksus who had love and virtuous for him made them happy. Moreover Bapasri used to visit homes of devotees or wherever he went he would always say, “Everything is the form of Aksardham- this is all luminous. Infinite muktas take happiness remaining engrossed in Murti, assembly is together, this is divine achievement for us, so do not be impatient. Never waste time in the work of Prakrti. Sankalpas of this assembly work, this assembly is eternal, Maharaj Himself sits in this assembly, dines, plays, gives darsan, protects His followers. Maharaj’s divine sight is on us. I keep all in that Murti. It is my work and my business. Come and take! Come and take! This time Maharaj has shown much of His favour. His Anadi muktas have also come to get you to Murti. Do not miss this occasion. Such occasion is very rare and in this time many things can be accomplished. Murti of Lord Swaminarayana is imperceptible for Purusakoti, Brahmakoti, and Aksarkoti. This has become perceptible for us by the mercy of beloved Anadi muktas of Sriji Maharaj. This time much is being done.” Saints and devotees would become very much pleased, by such divine feeling words. Daily variety of prasad would be distributed, would take blessing, would do darsanseva, so devotees would remain merged in love. Thus, in Karachi for fifteen days Bapasri gave happiness of Murti in different ways. Miraculous talks took place so all saints and devotees, male and females would drink that nectar with divine feeling. Sriji Maharaj and Anadi Maha Muktaraj will be pleased on him who takes by heart, the description of divine bliss, divine form, divine capacity of Sriji Maharaj as told here; and thinks about the divine capacity of beloved Anadi Maha Mukta of Sri Mahaprabhu who day and night drinks nectar in the form of bliss of Murti; and considering happiness of this world as useless, he would make haste for this divine bliss and thereby achieve his own liberation.

Bapasri had come to Karachi thrice before this visit. At that time also he had given variety of happiness like this time. If the description of it had been written properly the book containing the talks about the spiritual knowledge of Bapasri would have been written in this city only in eight days, ten days, or fifteen days- the period of his stay. But when it rains heavily, the importance of rain cannot be known but when there is want of rain its importance is understood. Similarly, innumerable persons who had taken refuge got Murti realised by Anadi Muktaraj Sadguru Gopalanand Swami, etc. saints and Anadi Mukta Parvatbhai who remained engrossed in Murti and who had come with Sriji Maharaj and were very capable muktas and did infinite wonderful deeds. At that time Sriji Maharaj had made a sankalpa of showing miracles, wonders, divinity, capacity, by Himself and through His such very capable muktas. As a result, many jivas realised causal Murti easily. If such spiritual writing about Sriji Maharaj’s supernatural divine feeling, supreme greatness and cause of all causes, supporting to all and endlessness, controlling, etc. had been written by Anadi Muktaraj Parvatbhai who was knowing opinion of Sriji Maharaj’s heart and had these talks in the form of writing been got by the sect, all would have been very fortunate. Anadi Muktaraj Sadgurus have left no stone unturned in describing Sriji Maharaj’s lila and divinity. Even then had we got extra ordinary nectar words written by Anadi Maha Mukta like Parvatbhai along with it, it would have been matter of more joy but it might be according to wish of Sriji Maharaj and his very capable muktas. At this place if we feel that we got that benefit by the obligation of Bapasri, even then pleasure of Sriji Maharaj as well as Bapasri will be there. || 109 ||