In the afternoon, Bapasri, sitting on the first floor of temple on his seat, showing his favour, talked. He said, “Whenever Maharaj and great muktas appear in human form, their behaviour would be like a human being. Even in it when some times they may show ignorance, sometimes cowardice, sometimes dependence, sometimes illness, etc. the averse will be confused, whereas the devotee will become joyful on knowing their peculiar behaviour. We should keep divine feeling in satsang. If someone behaves adversely, try to persuade him. If he realises it is all right otherwise be away from him by folding hands, but do not develop hatred for him. Always remain unaffected.

Kalidasbhai asked, “Bapa! While doing meditation or prayer (bhajan) we feel sleepy and idleness. What is the reason of it?” Bapasri said, “This is because, there is shortcoming in the understanding of greatness. This jiva may have everything favourable for survival, even then it cannot worship God. This is only ignorance. Some, when they are near great muktas everything is all right, but after going home they become as they are. If they know Maharaj and muktas as omniscient and if they fear Maharaj and muktas it will be good. The words of great muktas are always on the aim. What is aim- it is Murti. Not a single word of theirs will be without Murti. Whenever we have averse thought for Maharaj and muktas or for woman etc., we should pray to Maharaj and muktas so that our wealth in the form of devotion (bhakti) will all go in the treasure and in case if it is not done, everything will not go in the treasure. Therefore, constantly remember Maharaj and muktas. Always have their association. It is like a calf sucks its mother and becomes strong and grows– know thus. Great muktas make jiva happy in a sankalpa only. But jiva does not know it. When someone commits big crime, he will get capital punishment. His relatives may make hubbub before the king but they will not be heard and the criminal will not be pardond. But at that time if a barrister raises a legal point in favour of the criminal, the king will have to pardon him. Similarly, great muktas gets jiva free by only a sankalpa. Without that he may do many means, may get help from others but jiva will not be set free from maya without surrendering to muktas. Such great Anadi muktas always dwell in the happiness of Murti joyfully- they speak, walk, do activities, talks with someone invisibly, show supernatural powers, show their supremacy to some. They seem to be doing all these activities but they are done by the wish of Maharaj, know thus and keep divine feeling.

Saint Devjivandasji asked Bapasri, “It is said that feats-deeds (charitra) of Maharaj should not be doubted –presently which should be understood as the feats of Maharaj? Moreover we should not mistake of understanding it as human-feats. Are the Idols of Maharaj doing human-feats presently?” Bapasri replied, “Whatever human feats Maharaj has done and when they are narrated, we should bring divine feeling by hearing it but should not find fault and should believe that Sriji’s Murti of today is God Himself. If someone steals ornaments, clothes, etc. of Murti and if we do not think that Murti is made of metal, wood, stone, etc. and should not think how the thief can be permitted to steal if God Himself would have been in Murti, the feeling of atheism will not come. When you remember Him, He may or may not give darsan, He may or may not get you free from misery, even then you do not find fault with Him nor consider it as flaw and think that if God is present in satsang, why He will not come and why He will not get you free from misery. He is testing patience of a devotee or may be trying to avoid his defect- know then thus. If one has no proper understanding, when there is adversity in satsang he will find fault, and will doubt if God Himself is there how this can happen? Though such human behaviour may appear as uncultured, we should keep divine feeling and should know that doer of everything is Maharaj. He may be doing it because it may be His wish and whatever He is doing must be doing good. This feat should be taken in the present context. Then it cannot be said that one has found fault. When one makes determination of Maharaj and muktas by seeing their miracles and supernatural powers it is not so good as he makes determination for them with faith- it is the best determination. Then Bapasri advised that even if one may be envying us, we should do his work when he needs our help without considering his deeds of the past. We should think good of him by heart. Such is the way of God’s devotee.|| 78 ||