In the morning of Kartak Vad 3rd, Bapasri talked in the assembly. He said, “He who does not remain alert in Maharaj’s commands and outwardly goes to the great muktas and pray to them, will not get his work done. When he knows Maharaj and great Anadi as supreme being and obeys their commands, he will get liberation within no time, otherwise he may go with them after walking a long distance he will not get happiness of Murti. Therefore, do not do satsang outwardly. Norms, religion, must be obeyed according to the words of Maharaj and muktas without which there is no way out. Great Anadi muktas are very merciful so if anyone behaves according to the words of Maharaj, he will immediately be put in Murti. The fruit of relationship of jiva with mukta does not become fruitless. But fruit which one gets by remaining in their liking will not be as good as by making show outwardly. While developing love for mukta if one does not keep secret of anything and behaves as a servant by giving up passion, anger, greed, pride, jealousy, deceit, Maharaj and great Anadis will make him accomplished in a moment because Maharaj makes mission accomplish so he does not take into account jiva’s mistakes or faults- He is such merciful, but one must surrender jiva to Maharaj and great muktas. Otherwise the covering of three bodies viz. physical, subtle and causal cannot be crossed. Such talks should be recorded. Jiva is liberated as a grace of Maharaj and great muktas- there is no doubt about it. Therefore, great muktas have written in scripture that one should have the need of Hari (God) or of his who has met Him. He who behaves outwardly and does many means but nothing can be achieved. Here is Aksardham by inward tendency. Outwardly it is very far so means are not helpful. Whereas if tendency becomes the form of Murti, it is not away even an atom. Similarly, everything is easy in the shelter of Sriji Maharaj and muktas. ‘Gaj vij ne varasvu re, agam sugam karyu soy Purusottam pragti re’, sau janne sukh apiyu re, dukhi rahyu nahi koy Purusottam pragti re’, (thunder lightening and rain which are difficult but become easy after the grace of incarnation of Purusottam, everybody became happy none is unhappy due to incarnation of Purusottam). Sriji Maharaj and great muktas gave darsan from Aksardham by showing their mercy. So jiva got such opportunity. Therefore, if one behaves according to the words of muktas, recognises them, develops love for them, knows them as supreme being, understands their activities as divine, it will not take much time in getting liberation. If such talks are believed in real sense, one will become mad with joy. Therefore, please Maharaj and Anadi after becoming worthy and do not leave any shortcoming in what you have to do. Some do not have any knowledge of commands or norms and do activities as demonic jiva does. Even such persons by outward show advise others to obey commands, such will suffer a great loss. Therefore, nobody should do like that. Some become fraudulent and do not understand even by persuasion of anyone-such jiva will face many obstacles on the path of salvation. Such opportunity is rare to get again. Anadi Mukta Gunatitanand Swami says that temples will be made of gold but one will not get such persons who say in such a way. He says so because such great muktas are rare. So tread on the path, which pleases them. If one could not get their pleasure, he should see that he does not tread on the path of sin, which would displease muktas. One who has met Maharaj and muktas feels that as if the boat has safely reached the shore. Therefore, at this time liberation should be achieved.” ||119 ||