On the evening of Vaishakh Sud 14th, Bapashri, all saints, devotees went to Kakarwadi to bathe. Then saints and devotees applied sandal wood paste on the whole body of Bapashri. Then Bapashri said, “Today I am in the attire of Nrusinha. So everybody’s enemies viz., passion, anger, greed, etc have been destroyed by me. ‘Prahladki ati pida pichhani Nrushiha vesh banavyo re‘ after referring the all enemies of the line of this kirtan he said that on that day all the enemies of this assembly were killed. Such blessings were given. Then he said the seeker of liberation is endowed with Ashtasiddhi, Navniddhi (supernatural powers) and they are around him but he should not adopt them. Devotees earn livelihood by doing hard labour. Therefore, evenif they offer meals, we should take one laddu only and eat loaves but should not take as much it is given. Then only illness means attachment will go and Murti will be realized. But without curing illness of attachment Murti will not be realized. Therefore attachment should be avoided and taste for good things should be given up. I like vegetable -guvar added with buttermilk and loaf of millet and in the evening hotchpotch of math but do not like sweets and costly things. You also should do similarly but never desire for clothes, mattress, cushion, etc. Whom are we married to? To Purushottamnarayan. A woman should not marry a woman. ‘Abala abala ne shun paranu sahelee re‘. Formerly great Muktas used to eat only flour added with water and house-holders also used to eat kodara, bavto, banti (a kind of coarse grain) therefore everything should be discarded. I do not apply ghee to chapatis nor to hotchpotch and do not like sweet or oily substance. You are the witness of it. Therefore the luxuries of this world should be discarded. What is the gain if we give to this body which is the form of sin? Even the fever forces one to give up food. It is given up when compelled by fever, then why is it not possible after knowing the greatness of Shriji Maharaj? Therefore all attachment should be avoided and get attached to only in Maharaj’s Murti. Then only it can be said that benefit of this assembly is taken. Doctor’s medicine should not be taken and if it is taken unknowingly, a fast should be observed. When one is unconscious and somebody has given him medicine, a fast should be observed when it is known. Today we have met Shriji Maharaj Himself as a doctor. Therefore it should be allowed to happen as He wishes but should not think of curing by medicine. Then all came to temple. || 123 ||