On the morning of Fagan Sud 10th, the 10th Vachanamrut of Loya Chapter was being read in the assembly, in it, in the question number 8th Shri Muktanand Swami said, that there is a talk regarding how how illusion (maya) in the form of thoughts disturbs while meditating?

Then Swami Ishwarcharandasji asked, “What is thought (sankalpa) and what is vikalpa (alternative thought)?” Bapashri replied, “When thought arises for object it is known as sankalpa and when it occurs frequently it is called vikalpa means the thought which arose, arises in different ways is called vikalpa. If one attaches Jiva with Mukta every thing will disappear and they will not allow any thing to remain and will make fulfilled and put him straight in Murti-such is the power of Muktas.

On the same day, all saints said at noon in the assembly, “Vartman is properly followed with body but to avoid thoughts which arise in conscience is not in our hand.” Bapashri said, “If one does not allow any alteration in commands bodily, all his faults of conscience will be made to disappear and will make him strong. One does not want to obey commands and wishes to get every thing done by Muktas-how is it possible? One, one self has to become the worthy of it.”

Swami Narayansevakdasji said, “Vessels are shaped by a coppersmith by hammering them; therefore someone is required to make worthy. Bapashri replied, “The maker of worthy is ready but his commands are not observed, then how can one be worthy?”

Then again Swami said, “Please make us sit in a ship.” Bapashri said, “Even after making him sit in a ship if he jumps from it, what can be done for him? Maharaj and Muktas are observing all but Jivas do not know it so violate commands. Therefore Maharaj and Muktas do not give bliss of Murti. Therefore commands must be observed and all faults like honour, pride, jealousy, etc should be avoided- then only bliss of Murti can be had.

Then Swami said, “Faults like honour, etc are of course there.” Bapashri said, “Since those faults have been identified and enmity has been made with them, those faults will not remain. Maharaj and Muktas will destroy them by helping us. Therefore escort should be taken of good man but not that of thief.

Swami Ghanshyamjivandasji asked, “What are the characteristics of thieves (how to recognise thieves)?” Bapashri said, “The one who violates commands of Dharmamrut and Nishkamshuddhi and claim that he is Mukta, should be known as thief. If Jiva is attached to him, he will become unhappy along with so-called Mukta. Therefore Jiva should be attached to Mukta after knowing him. Today you are enjoying the happiness of Akshardham. In such an assembly, the fault finder will find fault even though he himself is nonsense and has no value and finds fault in Anadi Muktas of Maharaj- he is bearing the load in the form of faults on his head. He is not even aware that his Jiva will be destroyed. Such talk about the greatness of Shriji Maharaj is being done but they do not understand it and say that they are giving worthless knowledge. After completing discourses all saints and devotees went to Narayanpur in the evening and from there they came to Gujarat via Bhuj. || 137 ||