On the noon of Vaishakh Sud 11th, Swami Ishwarcharandasji asked, “What has Kushalkuvarbai done? Please tell me.” Bapashri replied, “Kushalkuverbai called Shriji Maharaj at her house at Dharampur. She wished to give her kingdom to Him. She saw Murti of Shriji Maharaj with piercing eyes from top to bottom and she imbibed that Murti in her heart. Bcause of fear that she might forget Murti, she gave up all activities of body like bathing, ding, drinking, washing, etc. and meditated on Murti. After fifteen days she left her body but did not give up Murti-such was her devotion.”

Then once again Swami asked, “How did she come in satsang?” Bapashri replied, “In her previous birth she was king Sangramjit’s sister Rudbai. There Alaudin the murderer came from Delhi. He killed Sangramjit and he wanted to abduct Rudbai. Rudbai pleaded him and said that she wanted to make a memorial and would go with him next time. He went to Delhi and Rudbai left her body after getting Adalaj wav (a large well with steps) done. That Rudbai became Kushalkuverbai in Olak village. Shriji Maharaj along with four hundred saints came to this wav of Rudbai and expressed the opinion that the wav was good.” At present constructor of this wav is ruler of Dharampur and her name is Kushalkuvarbai. She had got it constructed for her salvation, see this inscription. Then Nishkulanand Swami read the inscription. It stated that the wav has been constructed for her salvation. Then Maharaj ordered, “Let us all bathe in this wav and drink water from it. Then she will be liberated.” Then saints asked, “How will she come to know about us and our determination?” Then Shriji Maharaj said, “Paramchaitnyanand Swami is inspired and he would go there and will draw her in satsang.” As soon as Shriji Maharaj said this at wav, Paramchaitanyanand Swami who was at Gadhada decided to go to Dharampur and started his journey. Twenty saints wanted to go with him but they were not permitted and he alone went in the disguise of ekadmal. He landed at the place of Shivji in Kapadvanj. There Brahmins used to come. Swami explains to them the greatness of Shriji Maharaj, indirectly and after making them firm he went on. At Dharampur he stayed in Kushalkuvarbai’s inn. It was the practice of Kushalkuvarbai that any renunciate come there she would accommodate him in the inn and fed him daily and understanding his greatness she would come for his darshan at midnight and after touching his feet would go back. That night she came there but Swami did not allow her to touch him. She said why are you refusing to touch when all other saints allow me to touch their feet. Swami said that he is the saint of Lord Swaminarayan and according to the rules of our fold, we can not go alone and have to observe celibacy of eight kinds but I have come alone separating from other so I have to talk with you but now I will observe thoroughly seven kinds out of eight kinds of celibacy and will not allow to differ. Thereafter that lady imbibed his virtue and understood greatness of Shriji Maharaj after hearing him. She determined that Shriji Maharaj is supreme and became devotee and accepted Swami as Guru and handed over the kingdom. When Shriji Maharaj came to Gadhada from Dandhav region, all saints told to Shriji Maharaj that Paramchaityanand Swami had left alone. Then Shriji Maharaj said, “He is in Dharampur and by my wish he has gone there to draw Kushalkuverbai in satsang. He has been fascinated by the kingdom. He will have to be brought back.” Then Swami Nityanand was sent to bring him back but he did not come with him and said that if the master comes, he would come. Then Muktanand swami was sent. When Dharampur was near, Swami was going to the garden for a stroll seated on the elephant he saw Muktanand Swami coming so he told mahavat (controller of the elephant) that his Guru was coming and he should not see me sitting on the elephant so let the elephant sit on the ground. The mahavat did so and Swami climbed down the elephant and prostrated before his guru and met him. Then both of them came together to the inn and swami cooked a food & fed his guru. Then he was massaging his guru’s legs In the meanwhile Kushalkuvarbai came therefore Muktanand Swami got up and went to a distant. She asked Swami, “Who is he?” Then Param Chaitanyanand Swami said, “He is my guru and has come to fetch me, so I will have to go.” Then the lady became sad and said that she would allow him to go provided he promised to bring Shriji Maharaj there. Then he told the whole things to Muktanand Swami. Swami replied, “Tell her to write a letter and we would pray Him.” Then both the Swamis came to Gadhada. The lady wrote a letter to Shriji Maharaj inviting Him and Maharaj went there. || 56 ||